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    (2014-05-07) MULYANA
    Today, information must be an important thing for many people. It also must be a thing which is easy to get in whenever and wherever we are. Information is provided based on the need of peple themselves. Information communication department and PDE in Riau Province have tried to increase the public service for people as good as possible in order to make them easy to get information. Diskominfo has provided two accesses people to get the information, they are by using media center and using portal. Diskominfo introduce them by socializing to people and government in workshop, interactive dialogue, and so on. This study used qualitative method which is a method that used by getting the data based on the fact in real life by using interview, documenting, and observing. There are twelve informants of this study that consist of (Kadis, UPT of Media Center and Public Information). The writer used Miles Interactive Data analysis model Hubermen model and used validation checking technique by participating ang triangulation. The result of this study shows that this communication is good enough, even though it hasn’t maximal yet. It’s caused by the leader is rarely in the office. The communication, down, and horizontal communication. In order increase the public service, we have to be able to increase the employee work ethos by working faster, discipline, on time, and responsibility with job. The leader used transformasional communication model which is giving motivation to official in doing job.
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    (2014-05-07) Wahyudi, Didi
    Social media evolves with the development of technology. Number of social media users have increased every years. This condition by daily information needs. One of populars social media is Twitter. Through 140 characters from every users tweets, they could share many informations and get to know each other. The simple managements of Twitter use by Bharabas Radio. Bharabas FM has a twitter account named @BharabasFMPKU and has 2500 follower (June 2013 periode). Tweets publication by this account aims to invite Twitter users to listen happening programs on 97,5 FM. Purpose of this research to knows social media Twitter Influence against followers interest to listen Bharabas Radio 97,5 FM Pekanbaru. The method used in this research is quantitative method. Researcher collected data using questionnaire and documentations. This research location is in Bharabas Radio 97,5 FM at Kali Putih Street Number 3 Pekanbaru. The numbers of research are 96 respondents with random sampling technique. Data processing of questionnaire test using statistic product and service Solution (SPSS) Windows version 20 program. The Results of this study showed the influence of social media Twitter to follower interest to listen Bharabas Radio 97,5 FM. It is based on analysis of the data using a simple linear regressionis Y=2,606+0,343X and 0.006 significance level less than α=0.05. Which means there is the influence of social media Twitter follower to interest to listen Bharabas Radio 97,5 FM of 7,8%. Then Ho is rejected and Ha accepted. Then Ha accepted and Ho rejected.
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    (2014-05-06) Pratiwi, Purnama Ayu
    All of organization activities is based on communication to achieve the goal. The organization needing arrangement about job description, way to works, relantionship between one job to another job, one personal to other personal under controls of the leader. The goals in research on role of leadership communication in Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Pratama Bangkinang are to know the role of leadership communication to improve employees performance and to know what the supporting and inhibiting factors of leadership communication in improving employees performance. Research using description qualitative method. Source of main data trought interview on employees, the secondary data having source from documentation from general description, organization structure, and the role and the function in each section of Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Pratama Bangkinang. Data analysis technique in this research using data reduction component, data presentation, redemption, and conclusion trial. Whereas, data validity technique trought participation extension and triangulation. Result of research indicates that communication leader has a role in improving employees performance in Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Pratama Bangkinang. This thing is seen as role of head officer on taking decisions, controling conflicts, building up the team, as the vision role, motivating, and as the presenting of information. This research showed that the supporting factors of the role of leadership communication are knowledges of the leader, leadership communication ability, availablity of infrastucture, and openess communication. The inhibiting factors are employees knowledges, leadership experience, skill and human resources, invulnerable and employee’s culture, unclearness of job desription, and tendency to cover feeling of employees.
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    Entering an election year that will be held in 2014, nearly all parties to find out the source of media highlighted the party fund. One intense media spotlight to identify the source of funding of political parties is Metro TV in Mata Najwa program. As the purpose of this study is to determine the theme of discourse program Mata Najwa “How To Find Money Party” on Metro TV, and the second objective is to determine the ideological representation of Mata Najwa program as outlined in the theme of “How To Find Money Party”. Producer has its own view of the case, so it decided to lift the theme of “How To Find Money Party” in the Mata Najwa episode 20 februari 2013. This study is a discourse analysis using descriptive qualitative method. This study uses Van Dijk discourse analysis approach to examine some key elements to provide a conclusion. Data collection by observation, interviews, and documentation. Of this study it can be concluded that the theme of ‘how to find money party’ tend to see that the financial resourcesof the party is a pretty important issue of public interest. But the interests of the party to determine if the financial resources are ignored by the political parties in Ondonesia. In every script, producer refers to the four characters that have become Standard Operating Producer (SOP), especially avoiding leading questions racial issues. Four characters are used in the discussion of the discourse of “How to Find Money Party”.
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    (2014-05-06) DIVIA, GEBBY OKTORA
    Serampang dua belas is one of Malay cultural dance, it has unique by its twelve movement that telling the introduction untill the end of wedding process. Serampang dua belas dance continues to be developed and maintained its existence, in addition there was the influence of foreign culture that continues to attract the young generation. The research purposes is to determine the meaning of non-verbal symbol message of the Serampang dua belas dance to the Malay society, and to know how the understanding of the meaning of non-verbal symbol message of the Serampang dua belas dance in Pekanbaru-Riau. This research uses qualitative descriptive method based on the fact in the field through observations, interviews and documentations. Location of the research took place in the Malay Putra Institute (Lembaga Putra Melayu) with research schedule in May 2013 until September 2013. Informants in this study amounted to 7 peoples. Data analysis technique is used interactive analysis model by data validity checking techniques. The result of this research shows that Serampang Dua Belas dance is an art trip telling of Malay culture love story from the beginning of the meeting of lovers to an end of household. Serampang Dua Belas dance has twelve separate provisions in accordance with the provisions of the Malay cultural mores. Meaning of symbolic message contained is not only described in each of the twelve movements but also in the clothing used of the dancers. The music of Serampang Dua Belas dance has fast tempo and musical instruments used are accordion, violin, drum/gendang bebano, gong/tetawak and tambourine/triangle. In spite of using musical instruments from foreign cultures, the musical structure still typical Malay. Understanding of the meaning of the message symbol is very important to understand instead of just simply enjoy the aesthetic beauty of this dance but as sons and daughters of of Malay community should still preserve the Malay culture which is hereditary. The survey results revealed that many people do not know the meaning contained in the Serampang Dua Belas dance.
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    (2014-05-06) DAULAY, MENTARI
    Newspapers are one of the media industry is quite influential in a political battle, where newspapers serve as media of political communication to the public authorities or otherwise. As an industry, the media is also very concerned about the news content (types of content) to support competition among media. This study aims to determain the percentage of political news related Succession Riau Governor Candidates 2013 and the level of competition Riau Pos and Tribun Pekanbaru in getting the types of content. This study uses a quantitative approach to content analysis with Niche Theory as a frame of mind. The unit of analysis are the physical unit and thematic units of period April 1 to June 29, 2013. While the sampling technique used is random sampling method with 239 samples ordinal news, and data analysis techniques used is descriptive analysis. These results indicate that: 1) The percentage of Succession Politics News Riau Governor Candidates 2013 on the Placement Category Sub Headline news in the newspapers and Tribun Pekanbaru Riau Pos is 5% and 6 % (Frequency); 18.8% and 15.2% (Volume). Sub Pages In is 95% and 94% (Frequency); 81.2% and 84.8% (volume). Content on Variety of categories and sub Political Activities CBOs were 33% and 55.4% (Frequency); 43.6% and 55.5% (volume). Sub Candidates were 66% and 42.6% (Frequency); 65.05% and 42.7% (volume). Sub Abuse is 0.7% and 2% (Frequency), 0.59% and 1.8% (volume); 2) The level of competition and the newspaper Tribune Pekanbaru Riau Pos tight battle on the category placement of stories with niche overlap value 0.0002 (Frequency) and 0.002592 (Volume), while the category Content Variety lasted less strict competition with niche overlap value of 0.141 (frequency) and 0.095 (Volume). Niche Breadth in category Content Variety: Riau Pos 1.83 (Tend Specialist); Tribun Pekanbaru 2.04 (Tend Generalist) whereas the second category of news Placement Specialists are newspaper.
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    (2014-05-05) Wibowo, Ganda
    Organizations rely on information in order to function effectively and achieve their goals. In fact, many organizations receive information that are ambiguous. Challenge of an organization is not of the least amount of information received, but from the fact that organization receives a large amount of information that has potential to bring a lot of interpretations and ambiguities news. Ambiguity is a challenge for Perum Lembaga Kantor Berita Nasional Antara Biro Riau in achieving its vision and mission. Therefore, the study aims to (1) Determine the role of organization’s information systems in order to reduce ambiguities news in Lembaga Kantor Berita Nasional Antara Biro Riau, and (2) Examine the impact of ambiguities reporting on Lembaga Kantor Berita Nasional Antara Biro Riau. This study uses descriptive method with qualitative methods. The purpose of descriptive method is an attempt to find a solution by describing the events based on facts and evidence. A qualitative approach is expected to result depth description of the speech, writing, and behavior that can be observed from individuals, groups, communities, organizations within a certain context from the point of view of the whole. These result indicate that, Lembaga Kantor Berita Nasional Antara Biro Riau uses organization information systems in order to reduce ambiguity reporting. Strategies used include enactment, selection, and retention. In addition to these three strategies, the role of the relationship between regions also play an inportant role in the prevention of obscurity news. The impact of uncertainty that can arise are (1) Crisis of public confidence to the media, (2) Trigger the onset of conflict, (3) Subpoena the reporter or editor, and (4) Threatening national unity.
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    (2014-05-05) Putra, Edo Endrika
    The recent criminal case in Pekanbaru mostly done by children. Correctional Institution Class II B Pekanbaru is where child inmates undergoing punishment for the crime they did. The punishment undertaken expected to deter the inmates to do the same, one of them the necessity of coaching is done during the detention period. The purpose of this study was to determine the persuasive communication strategies undertaken in developing inmate workers, and to know the obstacles during development. This study uses qualitative research methods with a descriptive approach. Objects in this study is persuasive communications strategy officers in developing child inmates. Informants in this study were selected based on purposive sampling, so the subjects in the study are several officers and child inmates who needed in the study. Techniques of data collection is done by interviews, in-depth observation and documentation. Results from this study is that communication strategy of the officers who carried out need to provide guidance based on the readiness to conduct persuasive, has a seriousness, confidence, friendly, calmness, simplicity to show the expected development is reached. Based on the findings of the four strategies undertaken psychodynamic strategy, is a form of the most effective persuasive communication strategies in developing inmates. At the developing implementation faced some obstables such as a lot of inmates who participate less during the development , human resources who conduct the development and infrastructure.
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    (2014-05-05) Saddam, Alkharis
    The purpose of this study was to determine how the Strategy Institute Custom Petalangan in regulating social life in the Kecamatan Bandar Petalangan Kabupaten Pelalawan and Knowing the extent of the role of community leaders in organizing social life in the Kecamatan Bandar Petalangan Kabupaten Pelalawan. This research uses descriptive qualitative research methods and techniques of data collection using observation , interviews , documentation . Informants in this study is the LAP administrators , opinion leaders and the community . The informant obtained through snowball sampling approach with key informants is the Vice Chairman of the High Council of Indigenous Petalangan . Strategic of Indigenous Institute Petalangan for Public Adjusting Social Life in Kecamatan Bandar Petalangan Kabupaten Pelalawan has not been fully effective , it is basically an event by Indigenous Institute Petalangan got a very good response from the community and supported by the community , but in this activity just some people who are touched by the Institute of Indigenous Petalangan . Then this will impact the limited dissemination of indigenous knowledge and society at large . The purpose of socialization activity were made by Indigenous Institute Petalangan that this activity continues and does not stop on the level of Kecamatan , but this event will be followed by opinion leaders and traditional leaders and religious leaders to convey to the public . But has not been fully carried out by the opinion leaders due to several factors among which there are economic factors , age and other things .
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    (2014-05-05) Nainggolan, Harry
    Euphoria of democracy party in Indonesia began vibrant people, it is marked after the General Elections Commission (KPU) of the Republic of Indonesia announced 15 political parties who will fight for the people's voice in the legislative elections and the 2014 presidential election. Attempt to win the direct elections in the election process will require the right political communication for reaching voters, one of the way is by political imagery. From the 15 political parties that will compete in the 2014 elections, the very phenomenal things is the presence of NasDem party as the sole new politi calparty. NasDem Party has a number of difficult challenges that must be passed in order to pass the threshold, the electoral treshold 3, 5% in order to survive on the next election. NasDem should create the image and get sympathy from the public, while the party NasDem only have a very short time to do outreach and communication to the public of political party voters in particular constituencies. Therefore, this study aims to determine the communication process in the formation of political parties NasDem image ahead of the 2014 legislative elections in Riau Province, along to find out what NasDem party's Public Relations program in image formation. This study used qualitative methods, the approach of political communication theory put forward by Dan Nimmo and use construction image models by Firmanzah. The data collection is done through observation, interviews and documentation. Informan in this study were 8 people namely, NasDem DPW Chairman, Vice-chairman of the Election Campaign Agency (BAPILU), Vice Chairman of the Public Communication Division NasDem parties and candidates legisltaif NasDem. To see the effect or result of political communication of the NasDem party in Riau, researchers also interviewed the community, students and political experts. Results of this study indicate that the process of political communication that occurs in the Regional Leadership Council (DPW) NasDem Riau is one door which conducted by the chairman to vice chairman and legislative candidate next to the cadres in the area. This communication process is done intensely and continuously. NasDem Public Relations quite effective in creating the party's image through programs conducted. As for the image of the party who want to set up NasDem in Riau is in line with the party's Central Executive Board NasDem the image formation of Surya Paloh as well as the initiator Restoration Indonesia chairman, and its image as the party of changes.
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    STRATEGI KOMUNIKASI EKSTERNAL DALAM MEMPUBLIKASIKAN WISATA ALAM BONO (Studi Pada Dinas Kebudayaan, Pariwisata, Pemuda dan Olahraga Kabupaten Pelalawan)
    (2014-05-05) UGINA, SUHRA GERTI
    The uniqueness of nature bono owned Pelalawan is something to be thankful for the people of Pelalawan. However the uniqueness of nature has yet to be well publicized so that the persistence of the external public who do not know the nature bono. In this case that is responsible for publishing bono is the Departement of Culture, Tourism, Youth dan Sports of Pelalawan Regency. The Departement build the external communication strategies with the external public to publish bono. The purpose of this study was to determine the external communication strategy to publicize bono conducted by the Departement of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports of Pelalawan Regency and to determine the factors that influence the success of the external communication strategy of the Departement of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports of Pelalawan Regency to publicize nature bono. This study used descriptive qualitative method that is based on the facts on the field through observations, interviews and documentation. Locations and time of study is in the Departement of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports of Pelalawan Regency in March 2013 to August 2013. Informants in this study is 10 people. Data analysis technique used is interactive analysis model using data validity checking techniques with the extension of participations. The results showed that the external communication strategies conducted by the Departement is establishing a relationship with the external public of Teluk Meranti villagers by doing a homestay accommodation socializing in the village community, while people in Pekanbaru disseminate natural tourist sites of bono. Meanwhile, the communication strategy with environmentalists (LSM) are working hand in every event in nature bono, while the media is free to cover every event in bono. And the last strategy is to establish communications with the tourists through social media websites. The external communications strategies are aimed to strengthen the relationship between the Departement and the external public and also to publicize nature bono. Factors that influence the success of the Departement of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports of Pelalawan Regency in publicizing bono nature are the human resources (HR), openness, technological progress and the progress of fashion.
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    PERSEPSI REMAJA TERHADAP MUSIK HEAVY METAL (Studi pada Komunitas Heavy Metal Bawah Tanah di Kota Pekanbaru)
    (2014-05-05) Norman
    Music is one of the media in the delivery of a message . Through music people can express themselves. Currently, the development of music continued to rise sharply in accordance with the needs of the music industry market itself. Heavy Metal is one of many types of music preferred by teenagers. Many case studies of the impact Heavy Metal music to the fans. Heavy Metal can make a person feel different in life and can shape the character of his fans . This is due to their perception of Heavy Metal is very different from the people in general. The purpose of this study was to determine how adolescent perceptions in Pekanbaru on Heavy Metal music Heavy metal music and how it can affect the formation of the character of his fans (especially teens who are members of the heavy metal community Bawah Tanah in Pekanbaru). This research uses descriptive qualitative method is based on primary data source and secondary data collection techniques and the use of observational data, interviews, and documentation. Informants in the study of late adolescent group (18-22) years who are members of the heavy metal Bawah Tanah community in Pekanbaru amounted to 15 (fifteen) people. Analysis using an interactive model of data analysis is a technique that describes the interactive nature of the data collection and techniques using data validity extension tringulasi participation and documentation of data with which to compare the results of the study observation. The results of this study to determine how adolescent perceptions based on Heavy Metal music sensation, attention and interpretation that they get. The results showed that the perception of adolescents who are fanatical about Heavy Metal music tends to equal where they meresa comfortable while listening to Heavy Metal music. Additionally Heavy Metal music fans can affect the formation of character based on attitudes, behavior, motivation and skills. In this study adolescents were fanatical emotional level will increase, is due to loud music that wing and fast tempo songs that make them feel different in perceiving life.
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    (2014-05-05) Efendi, Muhammad
    Sidewalk-dealer is one of the informal business activities that we can see in many place in each city corner in Indonesia included in Pekanbaru city. The development of sidewalk-dealer more and more rapid in Pekanbaru city, this can see when many dealer who selling in sidewalk or roadside that cannot arrangement properly. Moreover, the dealer’s violation impact on traffic jam that would be an obstruction to get an access to the way, accident, and another bad impact. The effort like what the official guardian police do is committed to persuasive communication to the sidewalk-dealer. In doing persuasive approach, of course, there will be a technique, certain strategy, and persuasive communication to reach the goals. This research aims to understand the persuasive communication of the official guardian police in controlling the sidewalk-dealer in Pekanbaru city and also to know what factors influence persuasive communication of the official guardian police in controlling the sidewalk-dealer in Pekanbaru city. This research uses qualitative method with descriptive approach, and with interview, documentation and observation data collection technique. Data then processed to reduced, thus, arranged to get general conclusion. This research took place in the office of the official guardian police in Pekanbaru. The research objects are the sidewalk-dealer in Pekanbaru city and the number of subject in this research are 12 peoples based on purposive and accidental methods used by the researcher. Otherwise, checked the legality of data, the researcher uses acceleration participation and triangulation techniques. The research results showing that generally, persuasive communication of the official guardian police in controlling the sidewalk-dealer is fine. The effort done by the official guardian police such as: persuasive communication technique and persuasive communication pattern, other that, there are several factors that influence in doing persuasive communication toward the dealer, such as: personal (persuader), motivation, environment, hoodlum, and supporting facility to controlling performance.
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    (2014-05-05) HIDAYAT, RIZKI
    Pacu jawi is a culture tradition/ habit passed down from generation to generation from generation to generation, developed to date in the area of Tanah Datar Regency of West Sumatra Province, the runway is considered to be a tradition that pacu jawi is full of the philosophy, values and philosophy of life of minangkabau people. Values and this philosophy is present in the form of a cultural party activities or people's party, held as a form of entertainment, a tradition pacu jawi conjures the symbols on the commodification of heritage is understood by society flat land as part of the social life of the community system itself.Tanah Datar communities interpret this tradition from time immemorial who later inherited kinship mamak-kamanakan ( uncle - nephew . This is a qualitative research approach to the study of communication Ethnography through symbolic interaction and approaches supported by the theory of the construction of social reality. The subject of research is the traditional art actors of pacu jawi. Informants are chosen by purposive sampling technique, for key informants amounted to 4 (four) which consists of custom figures, community leaders, prominent cleric and Chairman of the porwi, and to support 6 (six) of those who were coming from the participants, cow owners and the local community supporters of 6 (six) people have derived from the participants, the owner of the cow and the local community. Research Data obtained through in-depth interviews, participant observation, documentation, studies, libraries and search data online. To test the validity of the data using the test of credibility. As for the data analysis techniques to reduce data, collecting data, presenting data, draw conclusions and evaluation. Conclusion traditional art culture pacu jawi show a symbol is understood and interpreted by the players together, where cultural values embodied in it makes this art as local wisdom Tanah Datar Regency.
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    (2014-05-03) Indah, Kurnia
    Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategy is an integrated part of a whole planning marketing activities and promotional comprehensive company to produce and create the effect of communication in a clear, consistent and maximum for customer. The objective of this study is to analyze the strategy, the factors supporting and the most effective Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategy of Riau Pos Event Management Holding in Honda Development Basketball League Riau Series. This study implemented qualitative descriptive method. The data gathering techniques used was observation, interview, and documentation. Sample withdrawn from the source used purposive sampling. There are a total of 9 (nine) subjects used for this study. The data investigation used was extensive participatory and triangulation which compare the documentation data with study observation result. The result drawn from this study showed that the strategy used by Riau Pos event management in holding Honda Development Basketball League Riau Series is Strategic Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). It includes advertising, direct marketing, merchandising, sponsorship, public relations and social media and websites. It is done to give contribution to the audiens Honda Development Basketball League Riau Series to preserve their loyal. Nevertheless, factors in supporting a strategy of Integrated Marketing Communication because Riau Pos Event Management directly associated with any media Riau Pos Group. The most effective strategy is done by Riau Pos Event Management in promoting honda Development Basketball League Series is the media Riau Riau Pos newspaper.
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    (2013-08-29) INDRIANI, RATIH
    This research was conducted to determine how the use of social media in marketing communications L'Cheese Factory in Pekanbaru and the impact of the use of social media. This research uses descriptive qualitative method using a model of interactive data analysis Miles and Huberman. The data obtained is then processed for reduction, served to produce a general conclusion. The result show that implementation of the use of social media was enough so that the maximum impact on a significant increase in sales as well as other positive effects. But besides that be a negative impact, among others, information is limited to those who are not users of social media as well as the actors who imitate and reproduce L'Cheese Factory products (plagiarism) for his own benefit.
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    (2013-08-28) Trixie, Dea
    Marketing communication strategies to convey a message to the public primarily target consumers about the existence of services or products offered. As a private bank that is in Pekanbaru, Bank Mestika Dharma Branch Pekanbaru needs to communicate or inform its products and services to the community so that people can recognize and be motivated to use the savings from the Bank Mestika Dharma Branch Pekanbaru. Based on this, the identification of the issues examined in this study is how the implementation of marketing communications strategy and what are the constraints faced by Banks Mestika Dharma Branch Pekanbaru in attracting prospective customers. This study uses a qualitative descriptive writing method and data collection techniques that can be sorted by reality in the field through observation , interviews and documentation. Informan of this study is amounted to 15 people were taken by purposive sampling method. Author uses interactive data analysis model to describe result of research in data analysis and for checking the validity of data author uses participatory extension techniques and triangulation. The results showed that the marketing communication activities that have been carried out by the bank branch mestika dharma pekanbaru less than the maximum. Seen in the promotional activities, especially in advertising, Bank Mestika Dharma Branch Pekanbaru less optimize the utilization of potential media campaign to support the marketing communications activities. For example, using the services of media both print and electronic media locally, billboard mounted on a place that many people should be passed so that people can see and know the savings Bank Mestika Dharma Branch Pekanbaru. The use of media as a means of socialization services in marketing communications including product plays an important role, because it is mass media. The more use of media, the greater the potential product known to the public so that customers increasingly open additional opportunities.
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    (2013-08-28) SYAHROZA, AFDANISA
    Therapeutic Communication is a recovery method applied by nurse to mental disorder patient in order to know patient’s mental problem by delivery of information so the exchange of feeling and opinion beetween both of them will influence the patient to get better. The application of therapeutic communication related with therapeutic’s phases which have to held good and maximum. The aim of this research is to explain and describe how the process of therapeutic communication applied by nurses in recovery of social isolation mental disorder at Mental Hospital of Riau Province and also to determine both supporting and inhibiting factors in application of therapeutic communication. This research is expected to be a positive input for Riau Provincial Mental Hospital as well as the author’s thoughts in the form of participation of the scientific research about community in social science studies. In adition, this research is expexted to be input for the further similar studies. This research uses descriptive qualitative research method that explain and interprete the data collected. Data were collected by means of observation, interview, and documentation. Extension participation and triangulation were used for checking it validity. Result of this research showed that the correct implementation of therapeutic communication phases play a role in the recovery of patient with mental disorder types of social isolation. The implementation of therapeutic communication also applied various types of therapies that support the recovery process. The knowledge of nurses, nurse’s experiences, facilities and infrastructure, and patient’s family are contributing factor in the implementation of therapeutic communication process. Whereas inhibiting factors encountered in therapeutic communication between nurse and patient are psychic condition of patient, nurses condition, language, and environment
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    KONSTRUKSI REALITAS KORUPSI DALAM KARIKATUR (Analisis Semiotik pada Rubrik Opini Harian Metro Riau)
    (2013-08-28) Utomo, Budi
    Caricature is one of the journalistic product that shown by the media. Therefore, journalistic product is a result of the constructed reality by someone, in this case, caricature constructing is a reality of corruption to be the form of caricature. In this case, a cartoonist constructs reality corruption to be caricature. In constructing of reality, cartoonists have used a variety of elements in the drawing caricatures to give emphasis on a certain side. In addition, in the reality construct corruption to be the caricature. This research used qualitative descriptive method by using a sign and object analysis approach with method of semiotics Charles Sander Pierce, known as the triangle of meaning. This method can be interpret as a sign and object meaning in caricature. The data collected was used interview techniques, documentation and observation. The results of this study showed that a drawing of caricatures Doris M Yahya had a caricature by describing a view on a particular group or individual. The drawing caricatur had emphasied by elements that have both support and complement a view of an existing reality corruption. There was media not objective and independent presenting the reality of corruption into caricature, because the elements are shown in constructing a reality of corruption in the caricature, when compiled, narrated, disclosed, and emphasized or highlighted in some way to give the side of view and understanding of the reality of corruption displayed
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    (2013-08-27) INDRAYANI, IKA
    Insurance is a non-bank financial institutions whose activities raise funds from the public in the form of premiums. Insurance is no stranger in the community, but there are still many people who do not have the awareness to participate in the insurance program. PT. Prudential Life Assurance is one of a growing insurance company in Indonesia. This is one of the responsibilities of an agent, where the agent is a representative of the company who find and serve case. Agents must be able to perform in a persuasive communication strategy convince prospective case. This study aims to determine how persuasive communication strategy in increasing the number of case and what are the factors associated with persuasive communication agents. This research uses a qualitative methods with a descriptive approach. The research was conducted at PT. Prudential Life Assurance Pekanbaru Branch Pru Miracle, Riau street Riau Bisnis Center complex blok B,15-16 Pekanbaru. These results indicate that the strategy used agents in increasing the number of case that use the strategy of psychodynamic, sociocultural strategy, strategy the meaning construction, and comparison of strategies. The factors associated with persuasive communication agent in increasing the number of case is a factor persuader, intensive factors of the company, annual targets, career path, and environmental factors.