PERSEPSI REMAJA TERHADAP MUSIK HEAVY METAL (Studi pada Komunitas Heavy Metal Bawah Tanah di Kota Pekanbaru)

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Music is one of the media in the delivery of a message . Through music people can express themselves. Currently, the development of music continued to rise sharply in accordance with the needs of the music industry market itself. Heavy Metal is one of many types of music preferred by teenagers. Many case studies of the impact Heavy Metal music to the fans. Heavy Metal can make a person feel different in life and can shape the character of his fans . This is due to their perception of Heavy Metal is very different from the people in general. The purpose of this study was to determine how adolescent perceptions in Pekanbaru on Heavy Metal music Heavy metal music and how it can affect the formation of the character of his fans (especially teens who are members of the heavy metal community Bawah Tanah in Pekanbaru). This research uses descriptive qualitative method is based on primary data source and secondary data collection techniques and the use of observational data, interviews, and documentation. Informants in the study of late adolescent group (18-22) years who are members of the heavy metal Bawah Tanah community in Pekanbaru amounted to 15 (fifteen) people. Analysis using an interactive model of data analysis is a technique that describes the interactive nature of the data collection and techniques using data validity extension tringulasi participation and documentation of data with which to compare the results of the study observation. The results of this study to determine how adolescent perceptions based on Heavy Metal music sensation, attention and interpretation that they get. The results showed that the perception of adolescents who are fanatical about Heavy Metal music tends to equal where they meresa comfortable while listening to Heavy Metal music. Additionally Heavy Metal music fans can affect the formation of character based on attitudes, behavior, motivation and skills. In this study adolescents were fanatical emotional level will increase, is due to loud music that wing and fast tempo songs that make them feel different in perceiving life.



Music,, Perception,, Character