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    Patient Satisfaction Level And Nursing Activity In Implementing Nursing Care In Haemodialisa Room
    (2015-06-20) Siregar, Cholina Trisa; Ariani, Yesi
    Nursing care is a series of activities of nurses in providing professional care to patients. Good professional service will enhance the sense of patient satisfaction to nursing actions. Increased sense of satisfaction with the services will have an impact on the improvement of health conditions of patients. This study aimed to identify the level of patient satisfaction and nurse actions in provision of nursing care. The study design was descriptive and selection of patient respondents using random sampling as many as 69 people and selection of nurses using total sampling as many as 18 people. The research instruments using patient satisfaction questionnaires and nursing actions questionnaires. The results of Conten Validity Index (CVI) in patient satisfaction questionnaire obtained CVI value of 0.95, and in nursing actions questionnaire obtained CVI value of 0.98. The results of this study showed data that the majority of haemodialytic patients are not satisfied with nursing care as many as 46 people (66.7%) and were satisfied asmany as 23 people (33.33%). The majority of the nurses said that the action taken by haemodialytic nurse was good as many as 16 people (88,9%) with an average value of 73.06. Good and appropriate action of the nurse will provide patient satisfaction during tratment
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    The Relationship Between The Level Of Knowledge In Pregnant Women Who Have Anemia About High Risk Pregnancy And Antenatal Care Visits Adherence
    (2015-06-20) Utami, Sri; Misrawati
    Antenatal care is the care of pregnance women and her unborn baby througout a pregnancy. The goal of antenatal care is to monitor both of mother and baby througout prenance for looking change may lead to a high risk pregnanacy. The purpose of the study is to identify relationship between level of knowledge about antenatal care among mother pregnance with sequency for controling to health care provider. This study was conduct in Sungai Kuning Bonio Rengat on May 2014. The population involved a total women pregnant in third semester and a sample of 45 who considered. The technique sampling used purposive sampling. The research instrument used in data collection was a questionnaire by using Multiple choice. The information was then analyzed by Chi Squere. The result of study showed that the average age of fregnant woment is 34 yeras old. They have good knowledge was 66% about antenatal care and 22% pair,12 % is worse. They always come to control her pregnancy based on schedule. Most of pregnant women were aware (87%). Based on finding there was significant the corelate between level of knowledge among pregnant women about antenatal care with visit reguler to control their pregnant (p;0,02). The reguler visit of pregnant woment to health care provider is importance to prevent high risk during pregnant especcialy in third semester
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    Factors Associated With Elderly Nutritionous Status At Werdatama Posyandu Tembilahan Year 2014
    (2015-06-20) Harianis, Sandra
    An elderly person is someone who reached age 60 or above. The changes in physiology function can reduce the food absorption which resulted in lower nutrition status for elderly people. Fatmah, 2010 explained that 3.4% elderly people in Indonesia who live in the city suffer for low nutrition is 28.3%, excess weight is 6.7%, obesity is 3.4% and ideal weight is 4.2%. Some factors which caused nutrition problems according Fatmah (2010) are disturbance of food taste, malfunction of disgestion, food consumption habit, lifestyle, some diseases and knowledge. This research aims to know the relationship among, knowledge factor, gender, and smoking habit towards the nutrition status on elderly people in “Posyandu”of Werdatama in Tembilahan in 2014. This research is analytic quantitative with cross-sectional design. The total sample was 94 by using quota sampling method. The research was hold on June 2014 in “Posyandu”of Werdatama Tembilahan. The collecting of data using questioner (primary data). The data was analysised by using chi-square test. The research result showed that gender have relationship toward nutrition status on elderly by score of P value 0.005 (OR= 4,196 (CI 95% 1,475-11,935)), smoking habit have relationship toward nutrition status on elderly person by score of P value 0.002 (OR= 4,750 (CI 95% 1,701-13,263)) and there have relationship between knowledge toward status nutrition on elderly person by score of P value 0.006 (OR=4,227 (CI 95% 1,441-12,400). For that reason, It is suggested to the health worker to improve their services on elderly posyandu and motivate the male elderly people to actively participate in posyandu activity as well as counseling regarding the nutrition status of elderly
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    Organizational Commitment: The Analysis Of The Higher Education In Medan
    (2015-06-20) Salbiah
    Organizational commitment is a psychological construct that indicates the relative degree of individual attachment to the organization employed and the implications for the individual's decision to remain in the organization or not. The purpose of this explorative descriptive research is to describe and analyze the organization commitment among the lecturers in nursing higher education in Medan. The research used a correlation design with ex post facto research approach. The population is 165 lecturers from 11 institutions. The sampling method used a proportional stratified random sampling considering gender, organization status and education level based. The sample involved 115 participants based on the Cochran William formula. The data collection conducted through developed closed questionnaires and passed the validity and reliability test. The result showed that there is a high category on organization commitment with the proportion 88.7% and empirical average is higher than the ideal average. In addition, the caring individuals in the category above the mean ideal. Based on the samples characteristic, the formation of commitment is not determined as gender or lecturer’s level of education, but is determined by the status of the organization; that are public or private institution. In detail, it is obtained that the value of the organization's commitment among three - dimensional lecturer showed the same tendency, which is above the ideal average category. Based on the study results, it can be explained that the organizational commitment of Nursing Higher Education are need to be improved effectively.
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    The Effect Of Right Lateral Position On Hemodynamics And Comfort Patients With Heart Failure: A Randomized Controlled Trial
    (2015-06-20) Febtrina, Rizka; Nurachmah, Elly; Gayatri, Dewi
    Benefits of right lateral position on patients with heart failure has been widely studied, but it is still unclear the effects of right lateral position on hemodynamics of patients with heart failure. This study aims to identify the effect of right lateral resting position on hemodynamic and level of comfort on heart failure patients. The method of this research was randomized controlled trial (RCT) withcross – over design. Twenty patients with heart failure stage II and III (15 men and 5 women) at the Harapan Kita Cardiovascular Hospital were participated. Blood pressure, Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP), heart rate (HR), respiratory rate (RR) and SaO2 were measured before and after setting up the position using bedsite monitor.The level of comfort was measured by using the Verbal Rating Scale Questionnaire. Measurements were taken in the morning (09:00 to 11:00 AM) and evening (04:00 to 06:00 PM). The results of this study showed there are significant effects of right lateral position on the Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP) (Morning: p value .000; Evening: p value: .017), Diastolic Blood Pressure (DBP) (Morning: p value 0.004), MAP (Morning: p value 0.001), HR (Evening: p value 0.008) before and after setting up the right lateral position. There is a significant difference between group on the level of comfort (Evening: p value 0.041). Recommendation of this study is setting the right lateral position can used as one of nursing intervention for maintain hemodynamic and increase level of comfort on patients with heart failure.
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    The Spiritual Care Of Stroke Patients By Family At Home
    (2015-06-20) Nurhidayah, Rika Endah; Tarigan, Rosina; Nurbaiti
    Stroke is proven to be a major cause of life chronic disability. Stroke requires a serious intervention since it can impact a physiological loss of body functions, such as the ability to communicate and think for the patients. Family empowerment is needed in patient’s recovery and to minimize disabilities. Literature revealed that more than 50% of patients with stroke require treatment as a partial and total care. Therefore, Family involvement is needed for patients’ daily living activities to assists the process of returning body functions as the impact of a stroke. This study was a qualitative study with phenomenological approach. The goal was to determine how the spiritual care delivered by the family at home. Data were collected through interviews with 7 participants, 6 people are Moslem and one person is Protestant. The criteria for the participants were family who caregiver stroke patient’s. The data have been recorded or collected will be analyzed qualitatively as follows reduction, display, conclusions, verification and validity. The results showed that the family has not been fully facilitated and support the spiritual care of stroke patients. Families need to be motivated to provide spiritual care for stroke patient at home, in order to help improve the quality of life of patients after stroke.
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    Factors That Influence Adolescent Self Confidence
    (2015-06-20) Jumaini; Elita, Veny; Nauli, Fathra Annis
    Adolescence is a developmental stage in the life cycle of humans are susceptible to a variety of mental problems. The existence of the adolescent problems can be attributed to a lack of self-confidence. The purpose of this study is to determine the factors related to adolescent self confidence using descriptive correlation design with a cross-sectional approach. Research conducted in the District of Kulim District Tenayan Raya Pekanbaru City with 100 total respondents. Samples are taken using proportionate stratified random sampling technique that has been requested to complete a questionnaire that has been tested for the validity and reliability. Based on an analysis using Chi-square test, it is obtained that there are significant relationship (p value < 0.05) between the two variables namely parenting style (p value = 0.00) and peers (p value = 0.00) with adolescent self confidence. Based on the results of this study, it is suggested to public health officials to more understand about the various factors that influence adolescent self confidence, which can be used as a basis for providing health education for the increase adolescent self confidence.
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    Towards Elderly Friendly Medical Labels: The Use Of Conjoint Technique From Marketing To Nursing
    (2015-06-20) Ruanto, Lorna; Cauilan, Vincent Jaspher; Aguirre, Kevin John; Barbero, Lester; Jesus, Mary Joyce De; Maderazo, IrhysClaydde; Tobianosa, Maria Miel; Diño, Michael Joseph; Diino, Michael Joseph; Rivero, Jenica Ana A; Vasquez, Francis A; Maroma, Potenciana A
    This study aspired to capture the preferable medicine labels from the lens sixty (60) purposively selected insulin-dependent Filipino seniors from an urban community in the Philippines using Conjoint technique through an innovative Prototype Object Sorting (POS). This made use of the interesting attributes from a wealth of scientific literature in drug marketing, namely: (1) color, (2) font style, (3) font size and (4) language. Results showed that color (37.40) is the most important factor in the seniors’ preference of medical labels, followed by font style (32.63) and font size (20.13). Accordingly, the respondents’ consider language translation as their least preferred (9.83) factor. It can be deduced from the study results that researchers in both healthcare and marketing shall consider age-related preferences in medical packaging which may further result to increased utilization and better understanding of personal medication practices among patients.
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    Description Of The Incident Hypertension And Risk Factors That Contribute To The Occurrence Of Hypertension In Coastal Siak River
    (2015-06-20) Karim, Darwin; Erwin; Utomo, Wasisto; Mulia, Putra
    Hypertension is a serious health problem and one of the most important causes of premature death worlwide. Hypertension incidence rates increased along with accompanying risk factors. This study aims to know the description of the incidence of hypertension and the risk factors that contribute to the incidence of hypertension in the coastal Siak River. The methode used is descriptive correlational cross-sectional approach. The study was conducted in the Puskesmas Rumbai Pesisir, using simple random sampling technique, obtained a sample of 100 respondents. Measuring instruments used in the form of a questionnaire. Data were analyzed by univariate statistical test frequency distribution, bivariate data were analyzed with Pearson's Product Moment Correlation. The results showed that there is significant relationship between gender (p value 0.0 with OR 2.12 in men rather than women), body mass index (p value 0.04 with OR 0.64 in obesity person), consumption of foods high in salt (p value 0.026 with OR 3.03), fried food consumption (p value 0.08 with OR 3.36) and lack of exercise (p value 0.05 with OR 0.38) with the incidence of hypertension. It can be concluded that there are risk factors can be modified in hypertension and can not be modified, that affect the incidence of hypertension. This study expected can be a foundation management of hypertension disease in the community.
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    Factors Related To The Accuracy Of The Filling ( Card Toward Healthy) Children By Cadre In Health Working Area Of Rokan Iv Koto I 2014
    (2015-06-20) Apriza
    Inaccuracy cadres in the filling CTH ( Card towards healthy ) could affect to the error information on the weight loss which is closely related to the growth and nutritional status of children . The results of the status in the growth of child in CTH could be used by health workers as a basic for referring when the child was impaired growth . This aimed to determine the factors related to the accuracy of filling CTH by cadre in NHC health center Rokan IV Koto I Rohul 2014. This research was descriptive correlation with cross-sectional design , the samples of study were 91 people which taken by simple random sampling technigue. Data were collected through questionnaires and observation . The results showed more than half of cadres having good knowledge filling CTH ( 67 % ) , more than half of the volunteers who have secondary education ( 57.1 % ) , most of the volunteers have the optimal working time ( 71.4 % ) and most of the cadres were not appropriate in filling CTH ( 75.8 % ) . Based on the results obtained chi square test P value of 0.001 indicated significant relationship between the factors of knowledge , education and working time with filling CTH by cadres . It was suggested to the manager of integrated health activities to disseminate the proper way of filling CTH correctly and to give trained and involving cadres in activities associated with the NHC
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    The Relationship Between Individual Characteristics And Performance Of Nurse In Nursing Care Documentation Of Inpatients At Padang Pariaman District Hospital In 2014
    Nurses on duty are less aware of the importance of nursing care documentation. It is obvious in the documentation statistics where the data of assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation are sometimes empty or incomplete. The purpose of the study is to find the relationship between individual characteristics of nurse in nursing care documentation of inpatients at Padang Pariaman District Hospital in 2014. The research is quantitative, using analytic descriptive method with cross sectional approach. The study was conducted by taking preliminary data at the beginning of June until August 2014 in inpatient rooms of Padang Pariaman regional hospital. The number of sample is 34 respondents. The sample is taken by using a total sampling method. Data collection techniques and tools are done by using a questionnaire which are later processed by computerized data analysis system (SPSS). The result of data analysis shows that most respondents are from age category of young age group (94.1%); more than half of the respondents’ employment status is volunteer (52.9%); most of the respondents’ educational background is D III (85.3%);, the majority of the respondents are on newly working period (82.4%); more than half of the respondents are knowledgeable (52.9%);more than half of the respondents possess negative attitude (52.9%); more than half of the respondents have a good performance in documentation. The result of bivariat analysis shows no relationship between age and the performance of nurse in nursing care documentation (p>0.05); there is a relationship between employment status and the nurse’s performance (p<0.05); there is a relationship between years of service and the nurse’s performance (p<0.05); there is a relationship between the knowledge and the nurse’s performance (p<0.05); there is a relationship between the attitude and the nurse’s performance (p<0.05). From the discussion above, the writer suggests the hospital to provide theories and shared experience from the senior nurses to the newly working nurses. One form of the theories to be given is about the importance of proper documentation to do the continuous and sustained care process in order to reach the maximum quality of nursing services especially in the nursing care documentation.
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    Prevalence And Risk Factors Of Anaemia In Pregnant Women In Public Health Centre Pekanbaru
    (2015-06-20) Dewi, Yulia Irvani
    Anaemia has been a problem in developed and developing countries. It has negative effects on both mother and fetus. Anaemia increases the risks of complication in pregnancy and the process of delivery such as maternal death, prematurity, underweight birth, and perinatal death. This study was aimed to assess anaemia prevalence and to determine its factors in pregnant women. A crosssectional survey was conducted from April to September 2014. The samples were 64 pregnant women who were anaemic and attended the antenatal-care facilities of Public Health Centre in Pekanbaru Indonesia. Accidental sampling technique was used. A single stool sample was also collected from each selected pregnant woman. Haemoglobin (Hb) level was determined by the cyanmethemoglobin method. The data were analized by descriptive analysis method. The prevalence of moderate anaemia was 81.3%. The highest risk factors of anaemia were based on (1) the characteristics of respondents: age of 20-35 years (73.4%), Minangnese (42.2%), house wife (92.2%), senior-highschool educated (46.9%), and 2-million-per-month income (75%); (2) the characteristics of pregnancy: multiparity (71,9%), third trimester of gestation (59.4%), > 2 years birth interval (43.8%), and antenatal-clinic visit less than 4 times (75%); and (3) consumption patterns: no food taboos (76.6%), no drinking tea (79.1%), and drinking coffee (67.2%). However, 15 respondents had food taboos (23,4%), and the highest taboo food was fish (9.36%); 21.9% of the respondents drank tea, and 67.2% of them drank coffee during pregnancy. The high prevalence of anaemia indicates that it is currently a serious health problem of pregnant women in Pekanbaru. The pregnant women should have more antenatal care to check and monitor their pregnancy condition and to get more education on food consumption.
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    The Factors Affecting Self Care Of Type-2 Diabetes Patients In Medan Johor
    (2015-06-20) Hapsari, Annisah Sepwika; Ariani, Yesi
    Self care of type 2 diabetes patient is the patients’ ability to do a self care to meet their basic needs as well as to maintain their health. The main purpose of self care of type 2 diabetes patient to control a good metabolic status, minimize complication and achive a good quality of life. The aimed of this research was to analyze factors affecting the self care of type 2 diabetes patients. This study was a cross sectional analytic, recruited 50 respondents which was chosen by accidental sampling technique. Statistical analysis used for this study was spearman correlation for bivariate analysis and multiple linear regression for multivariate analysis. The results showed that the period of suffering, complication, knowledge, family supports were not associated with self care of type 2 diabetes patient’s. There were relationships between self efficacy and self care (p value 0,001). Self-efficacy became the main factor which affected self care. People with good self efficacy had chance 0.6 times more to show a good self care than people with average self-efficacy. A type 2 diabetes patients with high self-efficacy able to perform self-care behaviors, and self-care behavior will directly be able to control blood glucose levels. It is recommended that nurses would be able to enhance self care of type 2 diabetes patients while providing nursing treatment by trying to increase patients’ self efficacy through developing structured educational programmes and facilitating the social support.
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    Effectiveness Of Mind Mapping For Block Body Mechanic’s Learning Outcomes Of First Years Students In Nursing Program Hang Tuah Health School In Pekanbaru 2013
    (2015-06-20) Lita; Tobing, Vella Yovinna; Hamid, Abdurrahman
    Difficulty in focusing of concentrating or remembering can have an impact on the low achievement of learning outcomes. Mind mapping is the way to record creatively and effectively. It can make student happy and enjoy in learning process, in addition can enhance learning outcome. The method of this research used quasy experiment with static group comparison design. Sixty students were included in this research using purposive sampling, 30 students as comparison group and 30 others students as control group. Learning outcomes took from final score of Block Body Mechanic final test. The analysis used was frequency distribution for univariate and impaired T test for bivariate. Bivariate result showed that there is no differences between student who used mind mapping and student who did not use mind mapping technique (p value = 0.666). The suggestion of this study is student should choose appropriate method to enhance learning outcomes.
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    Pro Makan As Intervention Strategy Of Community Nursing Care To Treatment Toddler Malnutrition In Depok
    (2015-06-20) Khasanah, Uswatul; Sahar, Junaiti; Widyatuti
    Toddlers as the population at risk is a group of individuals who have the opportunity to experience health problems . Factors that affect infants as a group at risk of malnutrition because of the dependence of a child to the parent of nutrition . Child, Family, Nutition Programme as strategy of intervention community nursing care to to increase weight of toddler , who can continue the family and community empowerment through self- help groups and support groups. This final scientific papers describing of the implementation of the Pro MaKAn through the application of the theory of integration of Community As Partner , Family Center Nursing , Health Belief Model , and management of health services in infants with malnutrition at Cisalak Market . Data were collected by interview , observation , questionnaires to 56 respondents with purposive sampling. Intervention strategies through a complementary therapy , therapeutic modalities , coaching , guidance , counseling and health education on self- help group. Its was given to 30 families with children at risk of malnutrition, as well as support groups some 10 cadres for 8 months.The results showed this study increased the average value of family behavior is value of knowledge is 61 to 70. The increase value of skills 68 to 84, value of the attitude is 64 to 71. In addition there are 30% who still have a degree of independence III and 70% is independence IV. Results of Child, Family and Nutrition Programme Card to toddlers who gain weight are 80% with increase of 100-200 grams within 1 month.
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    Description Of Hemoglobin Level Of Teen Who Consumed Iron Supplement
    (2015-06-20) Suprajitno; Ilahi, Debby
    Survey of Dinas Kesehatan Kota Blitar in 2002 found that the prevalence of anemic teen with was 20.5%. This situation aligned the problems that often occur in adolescents are obesity and anemia. An effort to decrease the prevalence of anemic teen conducted a pilot award projects of iron supplementation (Fe) since 2010, but had never an evaluation. Pilot project conducted in all female students in the junior school Blitar, which public junior school of 4th Blitar has implemented since 2010. The purpose was to describe the hemoglobin level of teen who consumed iron supplementation (Fe). Design used descriptive, research instruments was Hb test using Sahli’s method. The population sizes of teen at Public Junior School 4th of Blitar were 438 teens and sample sizes were 65 teens selected used proportional stratified random sampling based classed. The sample criteria was taking iron supplement (Fe) more than 6 months routinely one tablet a week at school and not menstruating when measured hemoglobin. Data collected in June 2014. Results: Teens who consumed iron supplement tablet for less than 1 year as many as 22 teens, 1-2 years as many as 24 teens, and more than 2 years as many as 19 teens. The level of hemoglobin of teen who consumed iron supplementation (Fe) were low category (less than 12 g/dL) as much as 14% (9 teens), normal category (12.01 – 15.0 g/dL) as much as 77% (50 teens), and high category (more than 15.01 g/dL) as much as 9% (6 teens).
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    The Professional Competency Of Nurse In Meeting The Spiritual Needs Of Hospitalized Patients
    (2015-06-20) Mugianti, Sri; Prasetyo, Agung
    Professional nurse has skill to meeting bio-psycho-socio-spiritual patient needs during hospitalized. Nurses often ignore to fulfillment in nursing care practice. This study aims to describe the nurse competency in meeting spiritual patient need during care. So, the patient spiritual needs are not met. This aims of study was to describe competence in meeting the patient spiritual needs during care. The design study was descriptive. Samples were 40 nurses who worked in 5 wards at the hospital. They were selected by simple random sampling. The data collection used Spiritual Care Competence Scale (SCCS) assessment tool consisst 27 questions that’s into 6 grouped with Likert scale. Data conducted on May 1st – 17th, 2014. Data analysis used descriptive statistics.Results showed 10% nurses (4 persons) was competent to capable in meeting the spiritual needs of hospitalized patients, while 3 nurses educated of 3rd nursing diploma and one’s educated bachelor of nursing. And 90% nurses (36 persons) was unable to meet the patient spiritual needs i.e. not remind time of religious activities, not counseling of religious need during care, and not provide assistance patient with religious leader. Consequently of nurse inability to meet the spiritual needs, the family and the patient were unable to perform religious activities and accept self-condition during care.
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    Determining The Relationship Between Hemodialysis Adequacy And Quality Of Life In Adult Patients With Chronic Renal Failure Undergoing Hemodialysis
    (2015-06-20) Nurchayati, Sofiana; Rahmalia, Siti
    Quality of Life (QoL) has become an important clinical outcome to measure the effectiveness of interventions on patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) who are undergoing regular hemodialysis (HD), which hemodialysis adequacy is an important predictor of QoL. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between hemodialysis adequacy and QoL in patients with CRF who receive HD therapy. The purposive sampling method was used to select 43 respondents who undergoing regular HD twice a week. The formula Kt / V was used to measure hemodialysis adequacy while QoL was assessed by using a WHOQoL questionnaire. The age range of the respondents was 25 to 75 years old, male 55.8%, female 44.2%, duration for each HD therapy (3 hours 4.6%, 4 hours 69.8% and 5 hours 25.6%). The research findings have shown that only 25.6% patients met with the HD adequacy requirement, whereas 48.8% respondents had poor QoL and 51.2 % of them had a good in QoL. Statistical analysis using chi square has shown that there was no significant relationship between hemodialysis adequacy and QoL (p value = 0.79). Achievement of high HD adequacy is needed to improve in order to enhance QoL. Further research needs to determine the strength of the disease profiles and clinical characteristics in order to confound QoL in this patient group.
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    Analysis Of Home Care Need Among Patients With Chronic Respiratory Disease
    (2015-06-20) Rahmalia, Siti; Utomo, Wasisto
    Chronic respiratory diseases are chronic diseases of airways and other structures of the lung. People with chronic respiratory disease have difficulties breathing, primarily due to the narrowing of their airway. They need to admit in hospital for getting treatment from medical services to improve health status and reduce dyspnea. However this condition need long term care and need rehabilitation program that can be planed by home care. The objective of study was to identify kind of needs among patients with respiratory disease (chronic respiratory dieases) and to prevent exacerbation and also to increase quality of life for patient with chronic respiratory dieases. This study was conducted at Arifin Achmad Goverment Hospital Pekanbaru, Indonesia. Participant was eligible if they have diagnosis chronic respiratory problem and selected by purposive sampling. A total of 60 patients are agreeing to participate in this study. Each participant recruited was required to complete home care chronic respiratory disease (HCCRD) questioner. The questioner used rating scale 1 to 4(1: not all need, 2: somewhat need, 3: Pretty need, and 4: very need). Content validity index of HCCRD questioner at level 0, 82 and reliability was tested by 20 respondents at level 0, 92. The study design was descriptive analysis. The result study showed that, male more than female have chronic respiratory diseases. The mean of age was 47,5 years old; 37 % were men, majority were employee clerical and trade job. Over a half (56%) of respondents have secondary education and were current smoker (45%) and also had limited exercise (52%).There was 37% respondents need to make oxygen available at their home; most of them also need more information related to their diseases, physical exercise, deep breathing relaxation technique, consult to dietary consultant and also need medical checkup for lung function. However majority of them didn’t need pot sputum and wheel chair but almost of them need to follow up their health status regularly by health care provider. Patient with chronic respiratory dieases need home care to improve their quality of life. Home care services can increase quality of daily activity by follow up health condition regularly, provide information and show kind of exercise to prevent exacerbation.
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    Identification Of Learning Style Of Competence Based Curriculum Of Nursing Departement Students In Hang Tuah Pekanbaru Health Science School
    (2015-06-20) Sari, Siska Mayang; Kristiani, Dara
    Nowadays, Indonesian educational institutions were led to use Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) to produce high quality of human resources. Nursing Department of Hang Tuah Pekanbaru Health Science School (STIKES Hang Tuah Pekanbaru) has implemented CBC since academic year 2013/2014. It was referred to the theory of Faye Glenn Abdellah in relation to market needs. Teaching method used in CBC is Student Centered Learning (SCL) in which students should be more active in finding all information about learning topic independently. It is further to describe students’ learning style. The aim of this study was then to identify students’ learning style of using CBC in Nursing Department of STIKES Hang Tuah Pekanbaru. This research used descriptive quantitative to 116 samples (students) who applied CBC in the academic year 2013/2014 in which the researcher used total sampling as the sampling technique. Instrument used was questionnaire consisting 24 questions. In analyzing the data, the researcher used frequency distribution. In the finding, the researcher found that 45.2% students used visual learning style, 40.9% used auditory learning style and 13.9% used kinesthetics learning style. Derived from the finding, it is suggested that lecturer should ideally consider students’ learning style in teaching using SCL method. Also, suggestion was addressed to school management to provide a sufficient facilities to support teaching and learning process.