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Effectiveness of Religious Affairs Function Implementation In Tualang District Office of Religious Affairs ( Function penghoeloe Case Study ). Accordance with article 29, paragraph 2, the local government institution in charge of providing services to the public on religious matters is the Office of the District or City Department of Religion and Religious Affairs Office in the District. Religious Affairs Office ( KUA ) is a forum for all business activities along with dividing and classifying the jobs done and establish ties and develop working relationships between organizational units. It provides guidance to all components, including the Office of Religious Affairs in the Department of Religious Affairs should participate in regional development program with carrying out its functions. One function KUA Tualang District are not yet done effectively is penghoeloe function ( field of marriage / reconciliation ). At these functions are many issues like entry requirements are less than 10 ( ten ) days prior to the ceremony held, The bride and groom ( catin ) the registration of marriage will not complete the requirements, still a married couple (couples ) who do not know doasetelah touch ( prayer junub bath ). Although penghoeloe or other employees who provide guidance on when it is asking and telling the prayer to the bride and groom ( catin ), Besides the bride and groom ( catin ) who did not arrive on time when going to the guidance. Things like this can disrupt the smooth running of the prince of work activities, which brought requirement sometimes is not the person in question ( catin ). Of the five functions of only 2 functions are effective. While the other two functions are implemented but are less effective and one that did not take place at all or arenot effective. Results of this study indicate that the maximum performance of the functions yet the prince at district religious affairs office wanderer. This is evident from the maximum has not delivered the goals and objectives, the implementation flow of activities that do not fit, and the absence of oversight conducted as reference to determine the success or lack of implementation of the ruler function at district religious affairsofficewanderer.



Effectiveness,, Office of Religious Affairs ( KUA ),, Function penghoeloe