Shelf-Life of Cryptopterus Catfish (Cryptopterus sp) Treated with Cumin (Coleus amboinicus) and Stored at Refrigerated Temperature (50C)

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The research on shelf-life of cryptopterus catfish treated with cumin extract and stored at refrigerated temperature (50C) was conducted at the Laboratory of Fish Processing Technology, Food Chemistry and Microbiology-Biotechnology Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science University of Riau in October-November 2012. Cryptopterus catfish weighing 200-250 gr each was obtained from a fish market in Pekanbaru. The fish was eviscerated, washed and treated with 30% (w/w) cumin and stored in a refrigerator for 17 days. The fish was analyzed for TVB and TPC every two days and the storage life was estimated based on TVB and TPC using the method of Arrhenius. The results indicated that shelf-life of cryptopterus catfish stored at refrigerated temperature was 17 days. TVB and TPC value of cryptopterus catfish at spoilage was 26,4mg%N and 5,71 log cfu/g respectively.



cryptopterus catfish, cumin extract, Arrhenius, TVB, TPC