Analisis Usaha Agroindustri Berbasis Nenas di Desa Kualu Nenas Kecamatan Tambang Kabupaten Kampar

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The purpose of this research is to conclude amount of cost, revenue, added value, efficiency, and turning points in agroindustry of pineapple chips, pineapple diamond and pineapple pudding in Kualu Nenas Village Subdistrict Tambang of Kampar Regency. Determination of sample area was done intentionally (purposive) that is Kualu Nenas Village because this Village was industrial central of pineapple chips, pineapple diamond, and pineapple pudding. Respondent sampling was done by the way of census. Census is record-keeping of all element (respondents) were investigated in the Kualu Nenas Village using pineapple as a raw material. The respondents amounts for agroindustry pineapple chips as much as 12 people, pineapple diamonds and pineapple pudding 1 person. The data used are primary data and secondary data. Data was collected by observation, interview and record keeping. Results of this research shows that the average total cost used by pineapple chips entrepreneur in the Kualu Nenas Village during April 2013 amounted Rp.19.227.097,77 for pineapple diamond Rp.551.269,78 and for pineapple pudding Rp.394.968,06. Average profit earned by pineapple chips Rp.7.752.068,89 for pineapple diamonds Rp.488.730,22 and pineapple pudding Rp.185.031,94 per month. Agroindustrial enterprises pineapple chips, pineapple diamonds, and pineapple pudding in Kualu Nenas Village implemented till now run has been efficient showed by RCR more than one of 1,40; 1,89; and 1,47. Added value of pineapple for pineapple chips Rp.5.440,72/kg, pineapple diamonds Rp.46.506,67/kg and pineapple pudding equal to Rp.11.191,67/kg.


Riska Dian Oktari.Jur.2013


Agroindustry, Pineapple, Profit, Value Added