Motivasi Mahasiswa Universitas Riau dalam Melakukan Perjalanan Wisata Motivation of University of Riau Students in Travelling

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Abstract Abstract Abstract There are so many reasons why people do travel. Motivation to travel is a basic thing in studying tourist and tourism because motivation is trigger of travel process. Sometimes tourists do not realized this motivation. The pupose of this research is to find out motivation and motivator of university students in travelling. This research uses descriptive method. The purpose of this method is to describe facts and characteristics of population systematically, and some fields factually and accurately. This research only describe an events, not a relationship. This research has nothing to do with hypothesis or prediction making (Rakhmad, 1999). This research uses ordinal scale, so writer uses likert scale which is designed to able respondents in answering all level of objects. This research is classified in to two major problem. The first, what is motivation of Riau University students, which cover physical or physiological motivation, cultural motivation, social motivation and prestige motivation. The second is what kind of motivator influencing tourism for Riau university Students, which cover tourism attraction, fund, available time, and influences from other people. From this research, writer find out students motivation in travelling is physical or physiological motivation and students motivator in travelling is tourism attraction.



motivation, motif and motivator, travelling, tourist, and tourism