Valuasi Ekonomi Pengelolaan Usaha Panglong Arang Berkelanjutan Di Desa Jangkang Kabupaten Bengkalis

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Background and Objectives: Mangroves are very productive ecosystems. Various products from mangroves can be produced either directly or indirectly, including: fuel wood, building materials, household needs, paper, leather, medicine and fisheries. Material and Methods: Mangrove ecosystems are a system in nature where life takes place that reflects the reciprocal relationship between living things and their environment and between living things themselves, found in coastal areas, affected by tides and dominated by species of trees or shrubs that typical and capable of growing in salty / brackish waters. Economic valuation in this study consisted of the sorting of mangroves (Rhizophora apiculata), the amount of raw material per furnace, the amount of wet raw material, rendeman of raw materials, the amount of clean charcoal, charcoal prices per kilo, income per furnace. The economic value obtained can use equation 1. Results: The time needed to complete the manufacture of charcoal ± 2 months so that the average wage to be paid to the panglong charcoal workers for one person is between Rp. 600,000, - Rp. 800,000 / kitchen (as long as it becomes charcoal). Charcoal produced for the capacity of 2-3 tons of wet mangrove is 2837.5 kg (20% yield) so that 1 panglong of charcoal produces 2270 kg (1 average length is 2-3 tons) for small plants, where the price per kilogram of charcoal is sold by long-term owners is Rp. 3,000, - / kg, the total income of the landlord is Rp. 6,810,000.00, - / panglong / production. Conclusion: If every 1 kg of mangrove wood is valued at Rp. 120 - Rp. 180, the business owner spends Rp.480,000 - Rp. 600,000 / day or Rp. 14,400,000 - 18,000,000 / month so that every day every worker only earns Rp. 60,000, even though the Regional Government of Bengkalis Regency has determined the District Minimum Wage (UMK) of Rp. 2,250,000 / month.