Contribution Incom Of-Fishing At Fishermen Household In Lubuk Muda Village Distric Siak Kecil Bengkalis Riau Province

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This research was conducted on 3th March until 07th March 2012. The objective of this study is to analyse the kind of-fishing with fishermen and household, to analyse the high contribution income of-fishing at household. The methode of the research is survey and the strength respondent 30 household. The data use is primary and secunder. The fisherman effort of-fishing is search mangrove, building labour, farmworker, maker of brick, and roof. The effort fishermen wife is daily goods trade, rubber plantantion workers (menoreh) and selling fish while the children are phone celuler shop employer, clerk, apoteker, farmworker, building labour, search mangrove, driver, selling of gasoline, and security. The contribution of-fishinng is a Rp.2.270.000,- (56,4%) daily the contribution in-fishing is a Rp.1.752.000,- (43,6%).



fishermen, household, effort, contribution