Aplikasi Tricho-Kompos Jerami Padi dan Abu Serbuk Gergaji Pada Pembibitan Awal Kelapa Sawit (Elaeis guineensis jacq)

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Palm oil production is influenced by the quality of seeds, seed quality is also determined by the medium nursery. Research by providing tricho-compost and rice straw ash sawdust in growing media, is predicted to improve the nature and character of the medium so as to increase the nutrient content for seedling growth. This study aimed to determine the dose of Tricho-compost and straw ashes and chainsaws the best combination for the growth of oil palm seedlings in the nursery early. The research was done experimentally by using Completely Randomized Design (CRD) factorial with two factors: the dose of Tricho-compost and sawdust ash. Tricho-compost dose given is T0 = 0 kg / polybag, T1 = 0.01 kg / polybag (10 g / polybag), T2 = 0.02 kg / polybag (20 g / polybag) and a dose of sawdust ash is A0 = no addition (0 kg / polybag), A1 = 0.01 kg / polybag (10 g / polybag), A2 = 0.02 kg / polybag (20 g / polybag). The results showed that administration of either single / combination tricho-compost with sawdust ash high dose of 20 g / polybag give the best effect on seedling height, number of leaves, tubers circumference, root volume, root dry weight and dry weight of the canopy.




palm seeds, tricho-compost rice straw, sawdust ash