Struktur Pendapatan Dan Pengeluaran Rumah Tangga Petani Karet Di Desa Sei. Tonang Kecamatan Kampar Utara Kabupaten Kampar

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The purpose of this researh is to know the structure income of household rubber farmers, household spending patterns of rubber farmers, income distribution pattern of rubber farmers and the welfare of rubber farmers in Sei. Tonang Village Northern Of Kampar District Kampar Regency. This research was conducted in Desember 2012 to July 2013 with a survey method and technique of respondents using purposive multistages random sampling on 38 rubber farmers who rubber plant is aged 20-25 years with area 1-6 Ha. Structure income of rubber farmers of this research show farmers income of rubber in the Sei. Tonang village consists of income fromagricultural sector 97,26% and 2,74% from non agricultural sector. Distribution of family income farmers ranges between Rp. 2.095.913 – Rp. 15.429.336 and the average revenue of Rp. 6.042.585. Number of index gini ratio shows the low – inequality 0,20 and Lorenz curve is close to the line evenness, this mean that the distribution of income among household in farmersrelatively evenly.Spending on non-food household farmers greater than spending on household food.The structure of non-food bg as 57,61% while spending on food big as 42,39%.In this research showed that rubber farmers had been prosperous farmer.


Mely Nasution.Jur.2013


Structure of income, outcome, Distribution, rubber farmers