Kontribusi Usaha Pengumpulan Limbah Penambangan Batu Bara Bagi Pendapatan Rumah Tangga Nelayan (Studi Kasus: Kelurahan Pasar Bengkulu, Kota Bengkulu Provinsi Bengkulu)

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This research was conducted on June 26th until July 05th 2012. This study aimed to know the business contribution of collecting coal wastes for fisherman houshold income. The method used in this study was case study method with total of twenty two respondents, they are fourteen fisherman, one housewife and seven children. The results of this study indicate the business contribution of collecting coal wastes as non primary income was big enough, that was Rp.801,27 (44,35 %) while the contribution from fishing as primary income was Rp.1.580,14(55,65%). The non primary income was categorized as a middle category and the primary income was categored to high category. The other scores was between 0%-25% low, 26%-50% moderate, and 51%-100% high.



contribution, coal, income