Analisis Usaha Dan Pemasaran Itik Pedaging Studi Kasus Di Kelurahan Sail Kecamatan Tenayan Raya

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Broiler breeding ducks has a promising future because of the demand for duck meat consumption is increasing. Cultivation of broiler duck faster than laying ducks. The problem faced is the problem of cost of production is high broiler ducks. With the high cost of net revenues to note that in the can so we can know whether or not this broiler breeding. The purpose of this study was to analyze the level of costs, analyze income level, analyzing the feasibility level, and analyze marketing and the problems faced by broiler duck farm in the Sail Village Tenayan Raya District. Number of respondents one person (Mr. Syaukani). Research methods using case studies. In analyzing the data used formulas net income, depreciation, BEP, PBP, NPV, B / C Ratio, IRR, channel marketing and marketing efficiency. The research concludes broiler breeding ducks feasible and developed as annual revenue of Rp 36,204,140,-, BEP Rp 27,184,382,-, PBP 3 years 7 months 7 days, NPV 18,519,968,- and IRR of 35.96%. Marketing channel is the channel I efficient among farmers to consumers. With the marketing efficiency of 103%. The problems facing farm broiler duck delay the arrival of seeds, weather problems and disease in ducks and broiler breeders usually do not meet the demand for duck meat.




business, marketing, business feasibility, broiler duck