Rasio Lidah Buaya dan Rumput Laut Terhadap Mutu Permen Jelly

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Jelly candy is one form of diversification of products aloe vera and seaweed. This study aims to get the right ratio between aloe vera and seaweed to produce jelly candies with good quality. Parameters observed in this study moisture content, ash content, pH, reducing sugar content, crude fiber content and organoleptic testing the level of preference panelist on candy jelly with aloe vera and the ratio of seaweed. The study was conducted using a completely randomized design with 3 (three) replications consisting of 5 (five) treatments are: LR1 (aloe vera 90% : 10% seaweed), LR2 (aloe vera 80% : 20% seaweed), LR3 (aloe vera 70% : 30% seaweed), LR4 (aloe vera 60% : 40% seaweed), and LR5 (aloe vera 50% : 50% seaweed). The result of analysis showed that the ratio of aloe vera and seaweed significantly effect on moisture content, ash content, reducing sugar content, and crude fiber content and not signoficantly effect on pH and the overall ratio of aloe vera and seaweed preferred by the panelists. The ratio of aloe vera and seaweed in the treatment LR4 (aloe vera 60% : 40% seaweed) is best treated with a moisture content of 16.44%, ash content 0.38%, pH 3.36, reducing sugar content 22.62%, crude fiber content of 1.44% and preferred by the panelists in organoleptic testing.


Fina Fitriana.Jur. 2012


aloe vera, seaweed, jelly candy