Deteksi Kehadiran Mikroba Indikator di Dalam Es Kelapa Muda di Kecamatan Tampan, Kota Pekanbaru

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Research aim were is to detect the presence of microbial indicators namely Escherichia coli and Coliforms in the young coconut drink in the District of Tampan, Pekanbaru city and to assess the personal hyginie and sanitation practices of young coconut drink sellers. This research was use systematic Sampling method to the seller of young coconut cold drink in Tampan District, Pekanbaru City. The data were collected, tabulated and, descriptively discussed. The research results shows that Eschericia coli was detected in 2 out of 10 samples ovserved. Coliforms were detected in all samples, however, the number of Coliforms were still below than 5 x 105 cfu/ml. Concluded that principle of sanitation and hyginie was not perfectly followed it is by the seller.


Al Muzafri. Jur. 2013


Microbial Indikator, Fresh Young Coconut Ice, Hyginie and Sanitation