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Green Open Space has a very important benefit in urban areas , the benefits of urban community life can be felt directly and indirectly . Urban green open space basically has the principal function as the main supporter of the sustainability of urban communities and also as a place of recreation , so the presence of green open space in urban areas is a requirement that must be met for a healthy social life .The government developed a strategy Pekanbaru also not running optimally due to lack of budgetary funds and also the lack of community participation . The strategy has been carried Pekanbaru City Government is currently developing a green open space at various universities in the city of Pekanbaru and compose documents on green open space regulations .The purpose of this study is to determine the strategy developed Pekanbaru City Government in Developing green open space in the city of Pekanbaru and to know Factors affecting Pekanbaru City Government Strategies In Improving green open space in the city of Pekanbaru . Theory concepts that researchers use is a strategy and management strategies . This study used qualitative research methods to the assessment of descriptive data . In collecting the data , the researcher used interview techniques , observation , documentation and literature . By using key informants as a source of information and as a source of triangulation techniques in data validity . The results of this study indicate that the Pekanbaru City Government Strategy in Developing Green Open Space is not running optimally, because Pekanbaru City Government has been unable to take advantage of opportunities that exist and the power that, also look at the weaknesses and threats that will be faced.Factors affecting Pekanbaru City Government Strategies In Improving green open space in the city of Pekanbaru is still a lack of quality and quantity of existing human resources, the lack of coordination between the institutions associated with the green open space, the lack of innovation undertaken by the City of Pekanbaru to increase green open space, and given the lack of socialization Pekanbaru City Government to the people who caused the lack of community participation in enhancing the green open space



Strategy, Green Open Space