Produksi Ester Metil Sulfonat dari Ester Metil : 2. Evaluasi Ekonomi dan Analisa Sensitifitas

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In view of environmental contamination caused by raw materials based on the petroleum, numerous studies have been conducted on alternative processes to obtain substitute raw materials from renewable resources. MES is kind of surfactant that based on crude palm oil. The production of these surfactant use methyl ester as downstream product of CPO. Methyl ester sulfonates can produce by using oleum-H2SO4 or SO3. After reviewing the use of both of the processes, the sulphonation process by using sulfur trioxide is the best one. Gas behavior, economical feasibility, production capacity, and the mode of process that apply for MES production being an magnificent reason for the chosen of sulfur trioxide. A promising prospect of this industry by theory will make sure in this paper using economical feasibilities. The calculation of economical feasibilities shown that the value of ROI (before tax) 44,42%, ROI (after tax) 28,88%, PBP 2,46 years. The sensitivity analysis also deserve to see the effect of the factor that influence the economical viability, and provide more information for the optimization of MES production.



Economical Feasibilities, MES, Sensitivity Analysis, Sulphonation