lntluence Water Supply Volume to the Growth of oil Palm Seedlings (Elaeis guineensis Jaq.) in the Main Nursery

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Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) is a plantation which plays an important role tor lndonesia As the leading commodity for export or for the commodity that is iexpected to increase farmers, income. Of the various factors that cause the production of palm oil decreased by one of them is the problem Of drought During the dry season as it is known that palm oil has ashallow root system (root flibers) so that the easy availability of water shortages. This research was carried out experimentally by using completely randomized desgn (CRD) consisting of four level: A(the water 2400ml marihat D x P), B(Giving water 2400 topaz ml D x P), C(provision of water 1200 ml marihat D x P), and D(provision of water 1200ml odf D x P topaz). The pareameters observed were plant heigt increment, number oe leaves, corm girth ncrement, dry weight, seed quality indesx and proline content. The data obtained were analyzed using ANOVA and followed by further test DNMRT at level 5 % . result showed that treatment of water supply volume provides significant result on the observation parameters plant height increament, whereas the parameters observed in the number of leaves, corm girth increament, dry weight, and seed quality index showe no significant result after testing DNMRTat level 5 %



water supply, growth, oil palm, seedling, main nursery