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ABSTRAK In this era of globalization, more and more new communication lines open both in the trade industry, agriculture and tourism industries. Because at the moment, tourism is one of the new industrial sector that is able to provide a rapid economic growth in terms of employment, income, and improvement of living standards, as well as enable other manufacturing sectors in the host countries. One service program recently implemented by PT. Garuda Indonesia after the program E-Travel is FLY-HI program. The purpose of this study the implementation of appropriate restriction problem is asfollows: 1.To determine consumer perceptions with the FLY-HI program. 2. To determine the effect of FLY-HI program in an effort to improve service to consumers, the GFF membership (Garuda Frequent Flyer) in the last 2 yrs PT. Garuda Indonesia Pekanbaru branch. The author uses the method of probability sampling, the sampling technique that provides equal opportunity for every element (member) to be elected as member of the population sample. In part the method used is simple random sampling, the sampling technique is very simple population by taking random regardless of the strata in the population, provided the members of the population is homogeneous. In this study of a sample taken in such a way that each unit has an equal chance to be selected as the sample (Singarimbun, 1995:155). The test results prove that the above hypothesis t (count)> t (table). Upshot: Hi Ho rejected and accepted. Means there is a huge influence between Hi Fly program undertaken by the company to passenger satisfaction. It can be concluded that the program Hi Fly by PT Garuda Indonesia Pekanbaru provides a substantial effect on increasing passenger satisfaction PT. Garuda Indonesia. From the research that the authors get the Hi-Fly program influence on customer satisfaction in the PT. Garuda Indonesia Pekanbaru, the writer can conclude as follows: The higher the level of economic and social status of a customer, the higher the level of satisfaction diinginkanya. From this statement we can take the conclusion that the level of customer satisfaction no limit. It can be concluded that the program Fly Hi and quality of service by PT Garuda Indonesia Pekanbaru provides a substantial effect on increasing customer satisfaction PT. Garuda Indonesia.



Satisfaction, Service, Garuda Indonesia