Sosialisasi Lingkungan Hidup (Studi Kasus Sumur Resapan di Kecamatan Tampan Pekanbaru)

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This study aims to determine the socialization process environment life case study catchment wells in Pekanbaru City District of Tampan do by the Environment Agency in Pekanbaru . This research study use this type of qualitative analysis , which examined the problem -solving procedure by exposing the results of the information obtained from interviews and field observations . Then analyzed and interpreted with the conclusion . These results indicate that socialization is carried out by the Environment Agency in Pekanbaru still unwell . It is seen from the number of people who do not build infiltration wells around their buildings , many of the people who still do not understand about the obligation to make infiltration wells for each building standing so that the benefits of infiltration wells in tackling the problems of floods and droughts can not be perceived by the public .



socialization, environment, infiltration wells