Analisis Hubungan Karakteristik Sosial Ekonom Terhadap Kewirausahaan Pengusaha Industri Kecil di Kecamatan Kuok Kabupaten Kampar

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The purpose of this study are: 1) Identify the characteristics of social economic entrepreneurs of small industries. 2) Identify the characteristics of entrepreneurial small industrial entrepreneurs. 3) Analyze the relationship of socio economic characteristics of the entrepreneurial small industrial entrepreneurs. This study was conducted March 2013-May 2013. This research method uses a survey with census method. The results of this study indicate that the influence of socio economic characteristics on the characteristics of entrepreneurial businessmen have a score to 2.10 with moderate category. For entrepreneurs entrepreneurship have a score to 1.99 and included in the medium category. Characteristics socio economic significantly related to the variable is a variable knowledge place of business for 0.399, 0.401 for resources and ratio of the total revenue of 0.904. Socio economic characteristics significantly related to the orientation of the risks are the place of business variables with correlation coefficient of 0.927. Characteristics socio economic variables related significantly to the confidence the ratio of total revenue with correlation coefficient of 0.613. Characteristics of the socio economic variables related significantly to the managerial variables are the of resources with a correlation of 0.463 and the ratio total revenue of 0.735. Socio economic characteristics variables significantly place of business to the variable ability of educational decision making with a correlation of 0.862. Socio economic characteristics variables significantly to the variable ability to lead is the place of business with a correlation of 0.562 and ratio of total revenue with a correlation of 0.638.



entrepreneurs, small industry, characteristics of socio economic, characteristics of entrepreneurship