Kajian Mutu Mi Instan Yang Terbuat Dari Tepung Jagung Lokal Riau Dan Pati Sagu

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The purpose of this study is to obtain the best ratio of corn flour and instan noodles sago starch to produce a minimum of 90% integrity. A completely randomized design in this study with five treatments and four replications, treatment consist of JST1 (corn flour 60% : sago starch 30% : tapioca 10%), JST2 (corn flour 55% : sago starch 35% : tapioca 10%), JST3 (corn flour 50% ; sago starch 40% : tapioca 10%), JST4 (corn flour 45% : sago starch 45% : tapioca 10%), JST5 (corn flour 40% : sago starch 50% : tapioca 10%). The result showed that the ratio of corn flour and sago starch were significantly. Best treatment in this study is JST2 noodles with value integrity 95.356% (w/w), moisture content before frying 10.734% (w/w), moisture content after frying 6.39% (w/w), protein content of 8.177% (w/w), total acid number 0.138% (w/w), the integrity of 95.356% (w/w), and rehydration time 10 minutes 6 seconds.



Instant noodles, corn starch, sago starch