Analisis Pendapatan Agroindustri Lidah Buaya di kota Pekanbaru (Studi Kasus Usahaduta Purnama Aloe Vera) (The Case On Agroindustry Duta Purnama Aleo Vera)

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The objective of this research are (1) to study the activities of aleo vera in Pekanbaru city,(2) to know aleo vera agroindustry of duta purnama to observed from aspect technicand technology, management,financial and marketing (3) to know the problems and its solutions in agroindustry bussines expanding. This research was held in pekanbaru city Sidomulyo Barat subdistict Tampan Dislict for 3 month (from January 2013 until March 2013). The method in this research was study case method by using primer and secondary data. The result of this research showes that technic and tecnology aspect of aleo vera still use simple toolsin producing. There are two product aleo vera crispy and aleo vera drinks, which one each product through in many step. From the raw material to the marketing. Management aspect show that work system to used the business in team work system bettween business and worker, where the leader take of decide and supervisor operational activity still handled by business. Financial aspect know that net income of this business are Rp 1.322.413,33;RCR value is 1,43 for aleo vera crispy and income is Rp 5.934.736,66; RCR value is 1,83 for aleo vera drinks. It means that this business is proper to be continued and expanded because it can give profit to the industrialist. Marketing aspect showed that it’s distribution already reached until out of Pekanbaru part of distribution is helped by Disperindag and other ways.




Analyze Agroindustry, aleovera, Technic and technology Aspect, Management Financial and Marketing