Analisis Kualitas Perairan Sungai Subayang Berdasarkan Indeks Biotilik Sebagai Pengayaan Modul Mata Kuliah Ekologi Perairan

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River is a flowing water (lotic) that get input from all the waste of human activities like settlement, agriculture, and also industry. The impact of these activities makes many river pollution occurrences. The polluted streams have a major impact on changes of organisms in water, including to humans such as the need for clean water. The aquatic ecosystem is an ecological unit interconnected with abiotic and biotic components in its habitat. By studying the components in the waters we can see how the quality of a river. So by knowing the changes that occur in the waters, we can make efforts in managing river ecosystems. With this knowledge, it is expected to provide support in aquatic ecology knowledge . The study consisted of two stages: analysis of water quality and module enrichment. Stages of water quality analysis based on the biotic index are conducted along the Subayang River. This research is an explorative research which the data collection using survey method. Data are analyzed and discussed descriptively. The stage of module enrichment use the ADDIE development model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) and then the modul will be validate. The results show that the research of the quality of the Subayang river has the characteristic that can be integrated with aquatic ecology course and it can be used for enrichment of modules in aquatic ecology.



Water Quality, Biotilic Index, Module, Aquatic Ecology, Aquatic Ecology