Pengaruh Waktu Reaksi dan Perbandingan Molar pada Proses Pembuatan Isobutil Oleat dengan Katalis Zeolit Alam

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High supply of crude palm oil in Indonesia has created many opportunities for downstream industry on palm oil industry. One of alternatives for this downstream palm oil industry is esterification of oleic acid that contained in crude palm oil. The purpose of this research are to make isobutyl oleat by esterification of oleic acid and isobutanol using H-Zeolit as the catalyst, to determine molar comparison and reaction time that produce highest reaction conversion, to compare physic attributes among the product and build linear multiple regression from reaction conversion result. In this research, the variation of reaction time area 3, 4, 5, 6 hours and molar comparison between oleic acid and isobutanol are 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:6, and 1:9 with fixed variable are reaction temperature 100 oC, agitator speed 175 rpm, and mass of catalyst is 15% of mass of oleic acid. From product analysis showing that reaction time and molar comparison between oleic acid and isobutanol affect the product conversion reaction. The best operation condition is at molar comparison 1:9 and time reaction 4 hours that produce 62.75% reaction conversion. The physical and chemical properties from the product meet the commercial plastisizer. While water content of the product still exceed the standard of commercial plastisizer. The multiple regression result from the conversion reaction Y = 2,166 * X1 + 3,801 * X2 + 17,149 where Y is conversion reaction, X1 is reaction time and X2 is molar comparison between oleic acid and isobutanol.



Esterification, Isobutyl Oleat, Plastisizer