Studi Pemanfaatan Kulit Cempedak Dalam Pembuatan Mandai

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This study aims to assess the addition of some salt concentration in the fermentation mandai and get the best concentration of salt on the quality of the resulting mandai. Research carried out experiments using a randomized block design (RBD) with five treatments, namely: MG1 (2% salt solution); MG2 (4% salt solution); MG3 (6% salt solution); MG4 (8% salt solution) and MG5 (10% salt solution). Results showed that the concentration of salt solution significantly affected the pH value, total acid, moisture content, ash content and crude fiber content. MG3 concentration salt solution (saline 6%) resulted in a better mandai with a pH value of 4.09; total acid 0.06%, moisture 41.39%, ash 3.23%, crude fiber content of 4.65 % and total lactic acid bacteria 8.89 log cfu/ml.


Dewi Arianti.Jur.2013


cempedak, fermentation, mandai