Shelf-Life of Catfish Mystus (Mystus nemurus) Treated with Turmeric-Gingger Mixture and Stored at Refrigerarated Temperature (5oC)

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The research on shelf-life of Mystus catfish treated with turmeric and ginger mixture and stored at refrigerated temperature (5oC) was conducted at the Laboratory of Fish Processing Technology, Food Chemistry and Microbiology-Biotechnology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science University of Riau in October-November 2012. Mystus catfish weighing 200-250 gr each was obtained from a fish market in Pekanbaru. The fish was eviscerated, washed and treated with a 15% turmeric-ginger mixture (7,5% : 7,5%) and stored in refrigerator for 20 days. The fish was analyzed for TVB and TPC every two days and the self-life was estimated based on TVB and TPC, using the method of Arrhenius. The results indicated that the shelf-life of mystus catfish was 20 days. TVB and TPC at spoilage was 28 mg % N and 5,46 cfu/g respectively.



Mystus catfish, turmeric-gingger, arrhenius