Studi Paramterik Perkerasan Jalan Beton Sistem Pelat Terpaku Pada Tanah Dasar Lunak

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Theapplications of chiken foot foundation (sistem cakar ayam) are shown successfully on run way, taxi way, and apron of airport and gave services more than 30 years. This system is also shown the satisfy performance for high way construction. One of developing of this system was changing the concrete cylindrical foundation by galvanized cylindrical steel and it is named modified chiken foot foundation (CAM). Hardiyatmo (2008) proposed Nailed-slab System for more practical application by changing the cylindrical foundation by concrete pile foundation. Based on model tests and analysis, the Nailed-slab is promising for application. This research is aimed to learn the behavior of Nailed-slab by conducting parametric study. This study was using the full scale test results of chiken foot foundation in Waru, East Java. Results show that the performance of Nailed-slab system (4 × 4 piles and 5 × 5 piles)with similar slab width with CAM was better than CAM performance. Slab deflections of Nailedslab tend to be lower than CAM. Similar behaviorswere for moment of slab. Additional of pile length and decreasing the pile spacing can increase the performance which indicated by decreasing the deflections.



chiken foot foundation, Nailed-slab system, soft soils, rigid pavement