Analysis of Development of Lates calcarifer Fish Farming Enterprises Group KONSIP Pen culture In The Village Sialang Pasung District Rangsang Barat Meranti Islands in Riau Province

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The research was conducted in March 2012 in the Village Sialang Pasung Rangsang Barat Meranti Islands in Riau Province, which aims to see the development and cultivation of relationships and influence on the inputs (seed and feed) and output (production). methods used in this research is the case study method with which respondents are KONSIP group chairman and members of the group. The result of this research is the development of cultivation from year to year despite reduced KONSIP group members, the association number (input) Seed and Feed Against (output) Lates calcarifer fish Production (Lates calcarifer) Pen culture In the relatively strong correlation with the level of very real ie ρ (0.02) ≤ α (0.05). With determination R2 is 0.95 and the influence Number of inputs (seeds) and Forage against output (production) Lates calcarifer The Pen culture can be seen from the calculated F (29.342)> F-table (0.011), this shows that all the independent variables simultaneously significantly affect production at 95.2% confidence level



Development, Group, Production