Identifikasi dan Konstruksi Kapal Perikanan dan Pengembangan Tempat Pendaratan Ikan Kurau Di Kecamatan Bantan Kabupaten Bengkalis, Riau

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Malaka Strait is a fishing community in the district of Bantan, the Strait of Malacca. Fishing gear used by fishermen consists of the gill nets (gillnet), longline (long line), and other gear. Fishermen in operating fishing gear with the use of ships, boats and canoes. Fishing vessels have a primary measure (principle dimension) is the length (Loa) 12.83 m, width (B) 2.52 m and in (D) 0.80 to Groass Tonnage (GT) 5 GT. As a driver by using the dong feng brand engine 24 PK. While the materials used to manufacture fishing boats in the Bantan is wood. The main measure used fishing boats in the strait have the Loa 6 m, B 1.2 m and within 0.50 m, while the driving tool is rowing. And also there is a smaller boat than the boat length (Loa) 4 m, width (B) 0.90 m and in (D) 0.35 m. Type of wood used is wood Giam, resak wood, wood lazy, rains wood, and meranti.