Local Wisdom of Community In Management Bokuok Lake In the Aur Sati Village, Tambang District, Kampar Regency, Riau Province

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This study was aimed to know the target of formed of local wisdom in management Lake of Bokuok and to know applied system mechanism Mawuo in Lake of Bokuok, Aur Sati Village. This research was qualitative method with fenomenalogis approach. Informan in this research is the prominent community, ninik mamak. And the analisys in this research by descriptive analysis. The result of research indicate that the target of local wisdom in management of Bokuok Lake expanding initially to pay for lease (upeti) to Dutch, taking care of immeasurable involve territorial water with existence of restoking in Lake of Bokuok. The traditional institution represent organization doing conducting management to Bokuok Lake by making orders along with dubious of conducted collision to Lake area of Bokuok, however local community also follow to observed to lake. Tradition of Mawuo to conduct arrest of fish in Bokuok Lake by together open meaning generically by entering direct to territorial water use appliance catch friendly of environment and way of certain which permitted by local custom institute, this tradition cannot be told annual event since it cannot be determined how many times is one year conduct. Fishing yield of fish in this tradition represent belonging of the communty.



Local wisdom, management, lake