Analisis Penempatan Produk Agroindustri Susu Bubuk Kedelai (Studi Kasus Industri Sumber Gizi Nabati Dan Melilea Di Kota Pekanbaru)

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The objective of study was to; identify product positioning of Sumber Gizi Nabati (SGN) and Melilea soybean milk in consumer level, and then to. This study was conducted from Februari until Maret 2013. Data collected were those of primary and secondary data. The methods of study used case studies, while the determination of the population is conducted by survey method. The data obtained was analyzed using descriptive method, scoring in each indicators, multiple regresi analysis and then analysis of the marketing margins. Most of respondents drawn from incidental consumers of soybean milk powder with number of sample from SGN 30 people and Melilea 30 people. The result of this study; 1) consumer assessment that based on the taste, packaging, efficacy, and texture showed that the highest priority as reference in the health consuming a product seen from his usefulness



Soybean Milk, Product Positioning, Consument