Management Lubuk Larangan as a Form of Environmental Wisdom In Kecamatan Kampar Kiri Hulu Kabupaten Kampar Riau Province

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This research was conducted in November 2012 in Kampar Kiri Hulu subdistrict Kabupaten Kampar in Riau Province. This research aims to: Knowing the physical state of an area or areas where the bottom of Lubuk Larangan, Lubuk Larangan Formation Knowing, Aware Management and Monitoring management Lubuk Larangan, Knowing the benefits of the ban bottom. This research used a qualitative approach using a phenomenological method. Number of informants in this research were 27, consis of 9 informants ninik mamak / keyperson, 9 informants research officials and society informants 9. Lubuk Larangan in Kampar Kiri Hulu subdistrict the widest Ludai with the Village area 8.000m2. The history of Lubuk Larangan couse by financial problems. This prohibition Lubuk Larangan management conducted jointly by the societi, Ninik Mamak/keyperson and village. Economy benefits of Lubuk Larangan for rural development and conservation Lubuk Larangan. On the social side, the bottom of a ban on making social interaction and a close kinship to people without any position limits and position differences in ethnicity and religion. in every village. On an ecological perspective, awareness and knowledge of the community in the management of Lubuk Larangan have thought ahead, namely to preserve fishery resources, such as harvesting, fish are still small is not captured and taken away by their.



The lokal shrewdness, Ninik Mamak/Keyperson, Environment