Marketing Efficiency carp seed (Cyprinus carpio) in Kenagarian Lansek Kadok South Rao Pasaman District of West Sumatra Province

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This research was conducted in April 2012 in Kenagarian Lansek Kadok South Rao Pasaman District of West Sumatra Province. This study aimed to: determine the costs incurred by the respective marketing agencies in every area of marketing, knowing the level of profit (profit margin) received respective marketing agencies in each area of marketing, knowing which marketing channels are more efficient among several existing marketing channels and know the carp seed marketing efficiency in terms of marketing margins and share fisherman. The method used in this study is a survey method, the total respondents 22 people. The study consisted of two patterns of marketing channels, marketing channel 1:Farmers carp seed Collectors local consumers, marketing channels 2:Farmers carp seed Collectors Consumer outside the area. Marketing costs incurred by the district collector of Rp.24.24,-/tail and got a profit of Rp.75.76,-/tail. Then for marketing outside the area, Maninjau marketing costs incurred amounted to Rp.70.50,-/tail and got a profit of Rp.79.50,-/tail. For the marketing Bangkinang marketing costs incurred Rp.77.93,-/tail and got a profit of Rp.72.07, -/tail, while for regional field marketing marketing costs incurred Rp.84.26,-/tail and got a profit of Rp.65.74,-/tail. Marketing margin carp seed size 3-5 cm is 33.33% and for seed-sized carp seed 6-8 cm is 30.00%. Fisherman Share to seed the size of 3-5 cm was 66.67%, while for seed size 6-8 cm is 70.00%. When compared between the two carp seed marketing channels, it is more efficient marketing channel is the marketing channel 2, as it has a value greater share fisherman and value of marketing margin is smaller.



carp seed, marketing margin, marketing efficiency