Kontribusi Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit dan Karet Terhadap Pendapatan Rumahtangga Petani di Kabupaten Rokan Hulu

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The purpose of this study was to analyze the income of oil palm and rubber. Analyze household income of oil palm and rubber farmers. Analyze the contribution of oil palm and rubber to household incomeof farmers. Comparing income of oil palm plantations with rubber income. The research method used purposive sampling method. The number of respondents was 60 farmers, which consists of 30 oil palm farmersand 30 rubber farmers. The results ofthis study indicate the average income of the estate oil palm Rp.41,063,872.15/ year, while the average income of a rubber plantation Rp.46,406,355.65/ year. The average household income of rubber farmers Rp.60,824,000/ year, while theaverage household income of oil palm farmers Rp.57,257,200/ year. The average contribution ofoil palm plantation tofarm household income by 59% and the average contribution ofthe rubber plantation tofarm householdincomeby 79%. Average income of oil palm plantation are not the same as the average income of a rubber plantation to the value of t-count is higher than t-table value is -4.594 and significantly smaller value of 0.000.


Alprida jurnal 2012


Contribution, Income, Palm Oil and Rubber, Household Income