Penggunaan Ekstrak Daun Pepaya (Carica papaya l.) Untuk mengendalikan Hama Kutu Daun (Aphis gossypii Glover) Pada Tanaman Cabai (Capsicum annum l.)

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Red pepper (Capsicum annum L.) is an important commodity and have high economic value in Indonesia. Problems are often encountered in the cultivation of pepper plants are pests. Aphis gossypii aphids are the main pests that attack the leaves in pepper. Efforts to control pest aphid Aphis gossypii still use synthetic pesticides. Carica papaya is one plant that can be used as a pesticide plant, because papain papaya leaves contain compounds that kill pests aphids Aphis gossypii. Conducted using completely randomized design (CRD), with six treatments and five replications, in order to obtain thirty units of the experiment. Each experimental unit consisted of thirty head of pest aphid Aphis gossypii to the fourth instar. The treatment used is no papaya extract (control), the concentration of papaya leaf extract 20 g / l of water, 40 g / l of water, 60 g / l of water, 80 g / l of water and 100 g / l of water. The data obtained were statistically analyzed by analysis of variance and LSD test further with the level 5%. Parameters measured were early death (hours), lethal time 50 (hours), daily mortality (%), total mortality (%), lethal concentration (%), changes in behavior and morphology, as well as temperature and humidity. The results showed that papaya leaf extract is able to control pest aphid Aphis gossypii from all treatments were observed. The concentration of papaya leaf extract 20 g / l of water was capable of causing mortality of aphids Aphis gossypii by 91.99% in the 50% lethal.


2012-neciayana AGT


Red pepper (Capsicum annum L.), aphids (Aphis gossypii), papaya (Carica papaya), papain, papaya leaf extract