Teknologi Budi Daya Ikan Selais (Ompok hypopthalmus)


The research was conducted from April until June 2012 at Aquacukure Technology Laboratory Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty o f Riau University. The aim of the research was to improve water quality through the biotllter using taiwanese clam {Anadonta woodiana Lea) on culturing system of silais to increase the growth and survival rate of silais (Ompok hypopthalmus). The method used was experimental method and R A L one factor with 3 level of treatments. The treatment with stocking density of 10. 15 and 20 taiwanese clam {Anadonla woodiana Lea) respectively. The result indicated that different stocking density of taiwanese were have significantly effect on water quality (NH3),.growth rate and survival rate of silais {Ompok hypopthalmus). The best result was achieved by 20 taiwanese clam (Anadonta woodiana Lea). Total absolute body weight of silais was 9.53 grains, daily growth rate o f 2,18 % and survival rate of 100%.



Culturing, Biofilter, Taiwanese Clam, Ompok hypopthalmus