A Study On The Speaking Ability Of The First Year Students Of Sma Negeri 14 Pekanbaru In Descriptive Text

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A STUDY ON THE SPEAKING ABILITY OF THE FIRST YEAR STUDENTS OF SMA NEGERI 14 PEKANBARU IN DESCRIPTIVE TEXT INDAH SARI DEWI, SYOFIA DELFI, MASYHUR Student of English Language Education Department Faculty of Teacher’s Training and Education Riau University Abstract The purpose of this descriptive research is to know how good is the speaking ability of the first year students of SMA Negeri 14 Pekanbaru in Descriptive Text. The subjects were 41 students from X1 class at SMA Negeri 14 Pekanbaru. The researcher used the speaking test as an instrument in collecting the data. The students’ score were analyzed by three raters. The aspects which were evaluated were; pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.The first year students’ average speaking score of SMAN 14 Pekanbaru according to three rater in terms of Pronunciation is 48.13 (Poor). In terms of Grammar, the students’ average score is 41.46 (Poor). In terms of Vocabulary, the students’ average score is 44.06 (Poor). In terms of Fluency, the students’ average is 48.78 (Poor). In terms of Comprehension the mean score is 51.86 (Poor to average).The results showed that the most difficult aspect of speaking for students is grammar, where the average score is 41.46 (Poor).Finally, the researcher gets the conclusion that the score of students’ ability in speaking descriptive text is in the average to poor level


A Study On The Speaking Ability Of The First Year Students


Descriptive research, Study on the ability, Speaking