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Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) district has a very strategic role in the organization of Local Government, because Parliament has legislative functions, budget and oversight of the implementation of the Regional Government. Oversight function of the implementation of Regulation Council is the principal activities undertaken by the Council in order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and effectiveness as well as providing an alternative to the repair or improvement. Oversight of local regulation, is critical implemented, because it involves people's lives, even the local regulation is one of the sources of law in Indonesia as stipulated in MPR Decree No.. III/MPR/2000, and Law. 10 of 2004. In this paper the issues to be discussed are the First, How will the monitoring function of the Local Government Council, How to conduct monitoring of the implementation of Council Regulation in Bengkalis, what are the obstacles faced in carrying out its supervisory Parliament on the implementation of regional regulation. The research was conducted in Bengkalis, with normative juridical approach of qualitative analysis, meaning that the starting point on the applicable law and develop and through discussion of secondary materials. Then by inductive logic and deductive reasoning, then all the ingredients are selected and processed and analyzed by describing what it is (descriptive), and then based on the principles applicable laws or regulations. Results of this study legislation that Parliament as an institution that serves to make the local regulation then Parliament to supervise the regional regulation as well as in the framework of the regional administration. Monitoring arrangements for the Local Government Council as stipulated in the applicable legislation and the Rules of Procedure of Parliament Bengkalis that Parliament has legislative functions, budget and oversight. Oversight function is carried out on the implementation of the Local Government with reference to the provisions of the legislation in force.



peraturan daerah, implementasi, pengawasan