The Influence of Roselle extract (Hibiscus sabdariffa) on Quality Acceptance of Seawed Jam Prepared from Eucheumma cottoni

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The research was conducted at the Laboratory of Fish Processing Technology and Laboratory of Food Chemistry, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science University of Riau in July 2012. The purpose of the research was to evaluated the effect of rosela extract on quality acceptance of seaweed jam. Dry seaweed was taken from a fish market in Pekanbaru. The seaweed was ground and added with Rosela extract ; 5%. 10% and 15% of the seaweed weight and was cooked for jam. The product was analyzed for sensory quality, moisture and reduced sugar. The result indicated that the seaweed jam added 15% Rosela extract was the superior product. Water content and reduced sugar of the product was 48,74% and 30,99% respectively.



Seaweed, roselle, Jam, Quality acceptance, Water content, Reduced Sugar