Esterifikasi Fraksi Minyak Nilam Hasil Isolasi Dari Tanaman Nilam (Pogostemon Cablin) Dengan Asetat Anhidrida

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Patchouli oil is a substantial volatile oil in the industry of perfumes and cosmetics, most of the oil is composed of patchouli alcohol. Patchouli alcohol esterification using acetic acid anhydride with ZnCl2 as a catalyst was done to improve the scent of the essential oil. Based on theory, patchouli acetate is an ester that occurred from the esterification reaction between patchouli alcohol and acetic acid or its derivatives. This study was intended to determine the effect of esterification methods , the ratio of materials and reactants, and also reaction time on the characteristics of esterification mixture product. Esterification was done by treating the patchouli oil with acetic acid anhydride (ratio of material : reactant = 1 : 1 , 1 : 1.25 , 1 : 1.50 , 1 : 1.75), 10 mL of diethyl ether, and 4.97 g ZnCl2 as catalyst . The concoction was heated at a temperature of 100 ° C, using a batch method at various reaction times (2 hours , 4 hours , 6 hours). The results showed that the reaction time, ratio of reactants and materials, and esterification methods significantly affect yield , specific gravity and refractive index of esterification product (ester compounds).



patchouli oil, patchouli alcohol, patchouli asetat, esterification