Manfaat Kulit Buah Melinjo (Gnetum Gnemon L ) Sebagai Adsorben Logam Berat Pb (Timbal)

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A living environment is said to be polluted if there are changes in the environmental order so that it is not the same as the original form. If the environment is polluted at a higher level, it will kill more than the types of organisms that live normally in the environmental order. Heavy metal pollution increases with industry development. One of the efforts to keep the life order from being polluted or to become damaged is the existence of a waste management system or the use of the waste to be used as a more useful product. For example in this study is the utilization of melinjo fruit peel waste. This study uses an experimental method with Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. Analyzed by two-way ANNOVA test statistics without interaction. Pb metal content that can be absorbed by melinjo fruit peel powder is 13.81 ppm for 160 mesh concentration of 50 ppm; 6.45 ppm for mesh 160 concentration of 75 ppm; 0.89 ppm for mesh 160 concentration of 100 ppm; 32.26 ppm for 50 mesh concentration of 50 ppm; 76.91 ppm for mesh 50 concentration of 75 ppm; 88.87 ppm for 50 mesh concentration of 100 ppm. ANNOVA analysis obtained the value of Fcount (mesh) = 7.96 and Ftable = 98.49; Fcount (concentration) = 0.42 and Ftable = 99.00; Ho is rejected, Ha is accepted. It was concluded that there was a significant difference between mesh variation and concentration on metal absorption by melinjo fruit peel powder.



Melinjo Fruit Skin (Gnetum Gnemo L), Pb metal, mesh, concentration, adsorption