Marketing Analysis of Rubber in The Village of Kopah Sub District of Kuantan Tengah District Kuantan Singingi

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This study aims to analyze the rubber marketing in the village of Kopah , analyze marketing system (cost, margin, profit, and efficiency of marketing) so that it can be concluded which marketing channels are profitable and know how where the relationship between farmers with marketing agencies or middlemen (traders) . This study uses survey, respondents sampling technique is done by sampling rendom. The number of respondents in this study were 43 non-rubber farmers and traders 4 (traders) and 1 group of farmers in the village of Kopah. The results showed that the presence of the rubber farmers' groups in the village of Kopah to give effect to the marketing of rubber that is in the village. Where the marketing channels through which farmers becoming shorter, making it profitable for the farmers who have joined with farmer groups.


Sapri. Jur. 2013


Marketing, Farmers, Rubber, Traders