An Analysis Of Writing Ability On English For Bussiness Communication Of Vocational Students In Coastal Areas (Dumai, Bengkalis, Meranti, And Inhil) - Riau

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wahyu sari yeni


The objective of this study is to analyze the writing ability which focuses on English for Bussiness Communication Competence (making personal letter and curriculum vitae) of the students of vocational schools in coastal areas of Riau Province. The target groups of the study are the students of the vocational schools as big as 2476 persons. Due to the homogenous characters of the population, in term of age and academic backgrounds, the sample is taken randomly as big as 25% out of them that is 619 students. The samples comprise gender and ethnicity of the students’ demography backgrounds. The thehnique of collecting data is asking the respondents to write personal letter and curriculum vitae. The collected data are judged by using Brown’s writing description (Brown:2004). The findings are as the following: the the average score of female students is higher (3.56) than that of the male students (3.34). Dealing with the ability of writing the two matters by the students from various ethnics, the scores range from 3.49 (Java students) to Malay students (3.28). The average score of Java students is the highest (3.49) among other ethnic groups (Minang, Malay, Batak, and Chinese). To increase the scores of the current findings, the students should be equipped with more exercises in applying the standard form of structure / sentences and the appropriate use of the vocabulary items



English for Bussiness Communication (EBC), and English for Spesific Purposes (ESP)