Analysis Chili Farming Village Gobah District Of East Tambang Sub-Province Of Kampar

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This study aims to analyze the cost of production and farm income in the village chilli Gobah Kampar District Mining District and analyze the efficiency of chili farming village Mining District Gobah Kampar regency. The cost of production results is to describe the magnitude of the use of production inputs and costs to be incurred during the process of farming takes place. The cost to the farmer consisting of cash charges and costs calculated. Cash costs include costs such as the cost of production of seed, fertilizer, pesticides, and manpower from outside the family. While the fixed costs include the cost of labor in the family, the farm equipment depreciation costs. Chili farming efficiency is a measure of success or failure of the business known as Return Cost Ratio (RCR), efficiency is measured by comparing the gross income the cost of production. RCR values chilli farm in the village of Gobah at 3,33 which means giving a profit of Rp. 2,33 in any use of cost Rp. 1.00. Which means the farming of chilli farmer in the village of Gobah worthy to be passed for giving benefits.


Hawis Tarmi. Jur .2012


Analysis Chili Farming, Return Cost Ratio