Penerimaan Panelis dan Analisis Usaha Mi Instan Dari Pati Sagu

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The purpose of this research was to analyze panelist acceptance and business analysis of the best treatment instant noodles from 100% sago starch. Parameters observed were acceptance of panelist and business analysis includes analysis cost of revenues, revenues, benefits, cost of production, business efficiency and break event point. Data obtained were analyzed used the Cochran Q test at 5% level. The results showed that acceptance of sago starch noodles can be accepted by the panelists based on chi square distribution at 5% level. calculated Q value has known by 7 meanwhile the value of the critical point or the table value of chi square is 7.814, it was decided H0 was accepted, and deserves to be developed based on the criteria of business analysis.


Muhammad Iqbal.Jur.2013


Sago starch, instant noodle, panelist acceptance, analysis of business