Distribution Of Income And Welfare Level Of Kkpa Farmers In Petalabumi Seberida Indragiri Hulu District

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This study aims to; (1) analyze the oil palm farmers income structure smallholder farmer cooperation of plasma pattern (KKPA); (2) Know the distribution and income inequality palm planters of KKPA pattern; (3) Analyze the welfare of oil palm farmers of KKPA pattern. This research was conducted in the Petalabumi village subdistrict Seberida Indragiri Hulu. 40 Samples were taken from 383 population, who have 16 years age oil palm. The methods analysis were income structure analysis, Gini Ratio and Lorenz Curve, and 14 welfare indicator of basic needs. The results showed that; (1) the income distribution is classified 40% low, 40% middle, 20% belonged to the highest; (2) there is a low level income inequality, on the other hand the level of inequality is perfect; (3) the level of welfare is highest, seen the basic need indicators.


Kiki Fitri Andriyani. Jur.2013


Income distribution, Farmers’ Welfare, KKPA