Analisis Pemasaran Bengkuang (Pachyrryzus erosus) di Desa Bukit Payung Kecamatan Bangkinang Seberang Kabupaten Kampar

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This study was conducted in the village of Bukit Payung Sub of Bangkinang Seberang Regency of Kampar for 3 months. The purpose of this study was to determine the marketing functions performed by of marketing agencies, marketing channels, marketing margins, marketing costs, profit of marketing, and the efficiency marketing of yam in the Village of Bukit Payung Sub of Bangkinang Seberang Regency of Kampar. The research method used is a survey method with a total sample of 20 people yam farmers, as many as 3 people of middlemen and 10 people of retailers. The results showed that marketing functions are performed by the institutions involved in the marketing of yam farmers, middlemen, and retailers include exchange function, physical functions, and function facilities. Yam marketing channels in the village of Bukit Payung consists of 3 channels where total costs, margins and profits are greatest in marketing yam on the third line while the value of marketing efficiency can be concluded that the first marketing channels more efficiently than marketing channels II and III.


Dedy Harianto.Jur.2013


Marketing Functions, Channel of Marketing, Marketing Margins, Efficiency Of Marketing