The influence of the leadership and the work environment toward the passion of the employees at PT. Pusaka Prima Transport Pekanbaru

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Research takes place at PT. Pusaka Prima Transport purposing to analyze influence of leadership an work environment toward passion of employees at PT Pusaka Prima Transport. 52 employees become the population in this research. This limited amount of population makes the sample chosen by census. The method of data analysis is double regression. Result of the research shows that leadership and work environment has significant influence toward passion of employees. Leadership is the dominant factor in this case. Leadership and work environment contribute 23 % for passion of employees. And the rest 77 % come from other aspects an those aspects are not include in this research. The appearing recommendations for the leaders are to be able to run their functions that contained instruction, consultation, participation, delegation and control. The work environment of the company has to be well organized to make enjoyable weather for the employees



Leadership, work environment, passion of employee