Analisis Perilaku Masyarakat Dalam Membuang Sampah Rumah Tangga Disungai Muaro Penyalinan Kota Padang

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Garbage has become a national and global problem, not just local. Garbage problems arise with an increase in waste generation of 2-4% per year, but not offset by support facilities and infrastructure that meet the technical requirements so that a lot of waste that is not transported. The purpose of this study was to determine the behavior of people in removing household waste in Muaro river copying. The independent variables in this study are factors related to the behavior of the community in disposing of household waste in the river which includes: knowledge, education and attitude. The population in this study were residents residing in the vicinity of Muaro Penyalinan River, which is as many as 47 heads of families. From the result of the research, it is found that the knowledge of the respondents about household waste disposal is less than 72%, the respondent's education level is low by 55%, the negative attitude is 69%. The result of statistical test shows that between the knowledge of respondents with the behavior of househo ld waste disposal in the river obtained p = 0.0001 between the level of education with the behavior of household waste disposal in the river obtained p = 0.0005 between attitude with the behavior of household waste disposal in the River obtained p = 0.0001. Conclusion in this research is there is relationship between knowledge, education, and attitude with behavior of society to throw garbage in river Muaro Copying. Recommended suggestion for society around Muaro river Copying is to maintain cleanliness especially river, procurement of garbage bins. For the health center cadres should regularly conduct research on the proper disposal, waste treatment. For other researchers, should examine other factors related to community behavior in disposing of household waste in the river



Community Behavior, Removing Trash, River